The Cartridge Box

The Founders left us four boxes to defend our freedom. The Ballot Box. The Soap Box. The Jury Box. And the Cartridge Box.

Time to invest in precious metals – copper jacketed lead

2017-03-26Last week, the new Republican majority again failed their voters.  The long awaited for, and often promised, repeal of ObamaCare failed to materialize.  Again.  It all comes down to the fault built into the system in 1789 – election cycles.

With a country evenly divided, and therefore a district that will be divided, any elected representative has to keep everyone happy, and that means eventually making no one happy.  Obamacare was largely disliked, but everyone who disliked it, could think of one provision which they DID like, and which should remain.  If you add up all of the liked parts, the entire bill was liked, in part, by most people.  And thus, permanent.

This is an old story.  Government programs, which have no legal sunset, are permanent. band-musicians-playing-music-vector-illustration-14375210 There is no way to get rid of them.  So what can we do?  Invest in precious metals.  The economy will not be able to sustain the pressure for much longer.  Our nation is too deeply in debt, and too deeply divided to make the kinds of hard choices to get out of debt.  Soon, the party will be over, and the band will demand their wages.  And when we can’t pay them, there will be hell to pay instead.

Most people keep only a few days of food in their house, and the fuel tank of their vehicle is near half-full.  Their savings in the bank do not equal a month’s wages, and they have no cash at home.  Once the economy collapses under it’s own weight, the th8N5BWFACgovernment will shutter the banks for a week or so to reorganize.  Stores will accept cash only – no EBT cards, and the fun will start.

Groups of people will gather at the stores to just take what they want.  But stores only have enough for 3 days of operations.  So soon, that will be gone, and then those people will start taking, by force, what they want from others – read that –  you.

Here’s where your investment in precious metals will pay off.  Even if you’ve had the foresight to stockpile some food, and water, and maybe fuel for that Coleman stove, how long can you keep it?  Are you prepared to keep it?thFOSK2AE9 Look at the riots in Greece just a few years ago when they tried to tighten the welfare belt.

On your next shopping trip, skip the designer shoes, or the new electronic gadget, and invest in precious metals – copper jacketed lead.  That investment might pay hefty dividends in the near future.




It’s your birthday – choose wisely.

Jacob&EsauIn Genesis 25 we read the tragic story of Esau trading his birthright for a bowl of soup.  As the firstborn son, he had a right to inherit his father’s household and become the new master.  But when given a choice between enduring the condition of hunger, now, or possible servitude later – well, later might not come, so let’s eat.

On the day you were born, you had a birthright of keeping and bearing arms.  It is not a right given to you by the government through the US Constitution Amendment number 2.  It is a birthright given to you by God who created you in your mother’s womb.

The Declaration of Independence clearly states that your were “endowed by your Creatordeclaration-of-independence with unalienable rights”.  After the ratification of the Constitution seemed in jeopardy because of it’s lack of a “Bill of Rights”, the authors consented to write one as soon as the first Congress took their seats after the ratification of the Constitution.

They were as good as their word.  They received many suggestions for commonly agreed upon human rights which should be included, and by re-wording some and combining others, they presented to the people 12 rights, 10 of which were ratified and became part of the we the peopleConstitution.

But nowhere, were these understood to be rights created by the US Congress – they were birthrights given by an eternal Creator.

Your birthright is the right to keep and bear arms.  And to the extent that any government, or business, or persons prevent you from owning a gun and carrying it with you in the course of your daily life, they are trampling on your birthright.

And to the extent that you allow that to happen without at least raising hell,  you are trading your birthright for a bowl of soup.  You are on the road to servitude; trading your birthright to satisfy today’s  wants, while remaining deliberately blind to tomorrow’s needs.