Making Your Own Targets

squirrel hunt 005Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.

We all do it.  Re-purposing used items is a passion of mine.  Plastic cat litter containers become waterproof food storage for boxed goods in our basement.  Empty 40 pound dog food bags become a cot for sleeping outdoors.  (I’ll post it sometime.)  Empty whiskey bottles become Christmas decorations.  (If I  can ever convince Mrs. Stoneman to let me.  I have this really great idea…)

What about end of the season Christmas wrapping paper?  PAPER SILHOUETTE TARGETS!

I purchased 6 rolls of Christmas wrap at Wal*Mart yesterday.  $9.00.  I bought one can of flat black spray paint.  $1.00.  (You have to be 18 to buy spray paint, BTW.)  Total?  $10.00

Do you know how many silhouette targets you can buy for $10.00 in the sporting goods department?  10.  That’s $1.00 each.

Care to guess how many I made?  18.  WOW!  That works out to only $0.55 each.

Check on YouTube, there are plenty of videos showing the steps.  Here are some still shots of the process.

making your own targets 001Each roll is 2.5 feet wide by 12 feet long.  A standard silhouette target is 2 X 4 feet.  So a roll makes 3.  Roll it back side out.  There making your own targets 002are little 1 inch lines all across it which make measuring easy.  Cut 4 foot lengths.  The great thing about wrapping paper is that it doesn’t roll back up.  And the front is slick, so paint doesn’t bleed through.

Move to a well-ventilated location.  Outdoors is preferred.

The templates I used are cut from discarded cardboard boxes.  (More re-purposing.)  I cut out the “green man” from a standard silhouette and traced around it to form the pattern.  I cut out an oval (also from the front of the “green man”) to locate center mass.  And I traced around a full-size auto handgun to make the template for the “gun” the bad guy was waving around at the mall/school/church/_____________ (enter other “gun-free zone here”).

making your own targets 006With black spray paint, outline the templates, and fill in the “gun” template.  As you can see, it is a workable solution.  Since we are making your own targets 010just going to poke holes in it, and then after taping it up a few times, we are just going to throw it away, this is easy on the pocketbook for practice.  And since it is said that somewhere, someone is practicing, and when you meet, if you haven’t been, he will kill you – you’d better practice.

You can always buy the pretty “green man” silhouette to take to the range so that other people think you’re “well-heeled”.  But when you wake up at 02:00 to find someone entering your home,  you’ll need to be “well-practiced”.

Most frequent shooters use reloading to bring down practicing costs.  Why not use re-purposed Christmas wrapping paper as well?

Hurry out.  It won’t last long on the shelves at 1/2 off.