Freedom vs Tyranny

by milesstoneman

squirrel hunt 005The November election of  2012 may have settled the issue for some time to come.  It would seem that the American people have grown fat and indolent.  No longer willing to take responsibility for themselves, they have shown a willingness to trade their freedom for a government handout.  Unfortunately, when the handouts run out, and they want their freedom back, that government will no longer be in the handout business – freedom or anything else.

The earlier fights over federally run health care, so-called “ObamaCare”, are indicative of the state of affairs.  The American people were unwilling to force their senators to vote down this hideous piece of legislation; partly out of laziness, and partly out of a desire to have their health care obligations taken care of by someone else.  When the senators from other states who were counted on to block the legislation failed to do so, these lazy Americans turned to the courts.  Perhaps the US Supreme Court would succeed where they had failed, and they still would not have to fight the battle for themselves.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion, upholding the constitutionality of the new health care law.  Americans were outraged.  They expected the court to do what they had not done for themselves.  Yet, it is not the prerogatives of ANY court to write legislation for us.  It is OUR responsibility THROUGH elected representatives.  This is a republic.  Chief Justice Roberts wisely allowed the legislation to stand, offering the American people the opportunity to repeal the law through elected representatives, via the November elections, 2012.

The November election of 2012 settled the issue.  Americans would rather trade individual freedoms – freedoms granted to us by our Creator, not our constitution, according to our founding documents – for a governmental nanny.  Even at our advanced age, we still want to suckle on the government breast rather than make our own way in the world.

Unfortunately, when the handouts run out, many will try to take from those of us who believe in self-reliance what little we have managed to keep the government from taking.  We will need to defend our selves and our freedom, with the cartridge box.

Although the founding documents of this country offer clear justification for rebellion against an oppressive government, wiser heads will simply remember Appomattox and Wounded Knee.  You can’t fight city hall.  Instead, you can band together and protect what is yours from almost everyone else.  When the last thing I have to give up is the cartridge box, they’ll have to take it from my “cold dead hands”.  And they probably will.

Until then – Cogito, ergo armatum sum.  I think, therefore I am armed.