It Only Takes A Majority.

by milesstoneman

squirrel hunt 005“NO! NO! NO!” I shouted at the computer.  Still shouting I turned to my wife who was trying to read, despite the ruckus I was making.  “Our right to keep and bear arms WAS NOT GIVEN TO US BY THE FOUNDING FATHERS!”  I ranted.  “The U.S. Constitution recognizes our rights. It doesn’t grant them!”

I had been watching a YouTube clip of Bill O’Reilly interviewing Bob Costas about the 2nd amendment.  Bill stated that the founding fathers “gave us the right to bear arms”.  That was the line which prompted all of the shouting.  Unfortunately, many (most) Americans are ignorant of our constitution and the amendments we’ve added to it.  Let’s look at the 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

Amendment 2
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the
right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Pretty straight forward.  The right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.  It would appear that “the people” have a “right” which exists outside of the government, and this amendment only restrains the government, it does not grant a right.  Pretty straight forward.

I suppose that “regulating” that right doesn’t constitute infringement.  Right?

First, you will be required to obtain an ID card to own a firearm.  No infringement there.  Right?  (Incidentally, I have to show my Firearm Owner’s ID card to buy ammunition, but asking voters to show an ID to vote is discriminatory.  Still scratching my head over that one.)

Then there is a background check required before you can purchase a firearm.  No infringement there.  Right?

Then the firearm has to be registered to you.  No infringement there.  Right?

If you want to transport a firearm, there are specific laws which must be discovered and followed.  And these vary from state to state.  No infringement there.  Right?

In many states, you can carry a firearm on you openly, but a special license is required by most states if you want to carry your firearm out of sight.  No infringement there.  Right?  (And Illinois has NO special license for that.  You just can’t do it.)

And all this has been done by only a majority of voters in each state, re-electing the same old anti-freedom crowd, generation after generation, who just want a safe society.  And these few laws are making us more safe, aren’t they?  They are not really “infringement”.  Right?

The real problem is that we’ve been slowly boiling to death, one degree at a time, and we haven’t even noticed.  Most people would agree with Bill that the constitution GIVES us the right to bear arms.  And most people have agreed that the regulations cited above are necessary for the general safety of the public.  And it only takes a majority.  But what will happen when the majority feels that more safety is needed?

Already, in some states, there are laws regulating how you can store your firearm at home.  Soon, as a matter of public safety, you will be directed to store your firearm in a local armory.    After all, we have a standing army.  We have local, state, and federal police forces.  They all have firearms.  And if your firearm were not at your home, no one would be accidentally injured and no firearm suicides would occur.  You will still have the right keep it, and bear it (under approved conditions).  No infringement there.  Right?

Ignorance of our Constitution, on display everyday in the media, will someday result in the nullification of one of our most precious rights – the right to keep and bear arms.

And it only takes a majority.