Carry starts at home.

by milesstoneman

squirrel hunt 005Let’s play “what if?”.

What if a drug-crazed criminal kicks in your back door, and enters your home with a gun in his hand?

Would you need a gun?  Yes.

Where, in your house, would be the best place to keep that gun? In a drawer?  In a safe?  In the closet?  NO The best place to keep a gun is:  in your hand.  And even with a gun in your hand, the bad guy “has the drop” on you.  You are already at a disadvantage.

Now, walking around your house with a gun in your hand wouldn’t be practical.  And besides, it would be tiring.

Where, in your house, would be the SECOND BEST place to keep that gun?  ON YOU!!

Referring to the imagined scenario above:  wouldn’t you rather have a handgun, and rather have it on you than have to negotiate with a drug-crazed criminal for your safety?

Now, you will say to me, “Miles, I’ve lived 50 plus years on this earth and have never had a home invasion.  Why should I expect one now?”

Besides that “all things being equal, you’re due for one”  I might agree with you that another 40 years may pass without an incident.  But a handgun with a full magazine only weighs a couple of pounds (or less if you go for a small-caliber handgun).  Is that too large a price to pay for your security?

Think about it this way:  I have 3 fire extinguishers in my home.  Two are smaller 3 lbs fire extinguishers, one near my stove, and one near my furnace (we have gas heat).  And I have a 10 lb fire extinguisher in the hallway which connects four rooms.  I have NEVER had a home fire.  I’m 53.  Perhaps I could just toss these out and not bother.  In fact, I could really save some money and, after paying my home off, get rid of homeowners fire insurance completely!  After all – I may never have a fire!

That would be crazy.King Tuk 008

It’s equally crazy living unarmed at home.

When you come to visit me, I’ll be armed.  It’s usually concealed.  But it’s there.

If evil comes to visit – I’ll be armed and shooting back.  Not looking for my gun or trying to remember where the key to the safe is.  Armed and shooting  back.

Carry begins at home.

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