Piers Morgan is NOT an American. Really!

by milesstoneman

avatar 013You know that Piers is a British citizen.  And is not an American.  But consider the implications.  Every time he opens his mouth and speaks with a British accent, something in our genetic memory rebels.  Something connected to the Minuteman in our ancestry.  When Piers speaks, that Minuteman who used a gun to secure his freedom hears the common accent of the nation who wants to take away his guns.

That shot heard around the world?  In April 1775, about 700 British army regulars were sent to destroy military supplies stored by the colonists at Concord.  The colonists received information early enough to move the supplies.  And although they lost the first engagement, it was the spark of our freedom.  But look again at the cause of that engagement.   BRITISH army regulars were sent to destroy AMERICAN, military supplies.  (Read GUNS.)

Already, the Minuteman in my genetic memory is reaching for his musket.

So when Piers Morgan talks about disarming the AMERICANS with a BRITISH accent – it’s Lexington and Concord all over again.

Keep it up Piers!  You’re a catalyst, my BRITISH friend.  This country was born with a gun in it’s hands, and it will fight to keep it there.