Sleep on Sweet Prince

by milesstoneman

avatar 013Universal Background checks.  Good idea, right?

After all, we want to make sure that only those among us who are “good citizens” and “mentally stable” have access to guns, right?

And those with nothing to hide shouldn’t be afraid of a background check, right?

And the government just wants to protect us and our children, right?

Is that what the federal government wants?

Or do they want a national gun registry and Universal Background Checks are as good a back door to that goal as any?

The administration says that a Universal Background Check, and “closing the gun show loophole” will strengthen our ability to keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.  It’s not about a gun registry, they say.  The NRA says otherwise. Democrats in congress counter that they know that a national gun registry is illegal and that their efforts are in good faith to make sure background checks are enforced better.

Since when has the federal government done ANYTHING in good faith?  ObamaCare anyone?

“People are more used to showing ID’s and passing some sort of background check for all sorts of things,” said Jim Kessler, senior vice president for policy at Third Way, a pro-gun control think tank.  Third Way submits that Universal Background Checks can NOT lead to national gun registry for PRACTICAL, LEGAL, or POLITICAL REASONS.  Really?

Leaving the issue that the sheep are ever more used to showing ID’s and submitting to background checks for all sorts of things for another time, is a national gun registry data base really impossible?

Third Way says that there is just too much information, too many pieces of paper in too many places, to create a database.  The government bureaucracy would be overwhelmed.  ObamaCare anyone?  And since current law prohibits the national data base, it can’t be legally created.  Are we supposed to believe that the congress can’t write new laws?  ObamaCare anyone? Finally they posit that, politically, it would be political suicide for any representative who voted to pass it.  ObamaCare anyone?

Of course there will have to be a national registry.  How else will they be able to monitor the effectiveness of the Universal Background Check?

Vice President Biden has  questioned the logic of having a universal background check law that didn’t require transaction records for private sales.  “They want the law to say no record would be kept,” Biden told the National Association of Attorneys General. “How in the hell would you know if that transaction would be real if no record can be kept?”

I recently watched Col. “Jeff” Cooper giving a lecture on YouTube  During the Q and A afterwards, there was this interaction with an unnamed man in the audience:

Q: You’re a personal expert in the will to resist, but I happen to know that you’re quite an historian.  Can you give us a little barometer on where we are nationally in our will to resist?

Jeff Cooper:  Looks bad.  I’m firmly convinced, and I think it’s incontrovertible, that a population cannot be tyrannized unless it wants to be.  Can’t do it.  On the other hand, what happens if it doesn’t care?  Is it true that the American people at this point are totally apathetic and simply don’t give a damn? I see evidence of that. You read, and you look, and you watch, and you hear, and you listen, and you get the impression that all that the so-called average man is interested in is baseball scores.  He doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about his liberty. I hope that’s wrong. But the situation doesn’t look as good as we’d like.

It doesn’t look as good as I’d like, either.

Perhaps we can say to our political representatives that we don’t want Universal Background Checks.

Perhaps we can say to our friends and neighbors, who don’t own guns and who believe that the federal government is only trying to protect us and our children by instituting a Universal Background Check, that they should wake up.

Perhaps we can say to the liberal media government megaphone that they should stop lying to us.

Perhaps instead, after the feds have confiscated our guns, and relocated us to reeducation camps, we will say to our fellow inmates, “I told you so”.

Sleep on sweet prince.