Disarmed at the County Court House

by milesstoneman

avatar 013Last week, I had reason to enter the Williamson County Court House.  Being the name-changer that I am, I was more than happy to give moral support to my grandson as he received a name change from the State of Illinois.  Knowing that I would be entering a “gun/dangerous weapon-free zone”, I left my clip knife and my razor/LED light combo at home.  I made sure that my wife left her cutting tools and her pepper spray at home as well.  I left my 9 mm handgun under the passenger seat of the car.  Feeling completely harmless, I emptied my pockets into a metal tray at the courthouse door.

Picking up my pocket knife, the guard on duty said, “I’ll have to keep this until you leave.”

pocketknife 003As you can see, I wasn’t well-armed to start with, but “better safe than sorry” is the rule at the Court House.  I wasn’t outraged, or even angry.  Just discouraged.

What have we come to in this country?  Is there no liberty left for law-abiding citizens?  How great a danger could I have been?  The guard at the door was wearing an automatic pistol, as was a roaming County Sheriff’s Deputy.

We’re sunk.  Those who are against us are more than those who are with us.