More Lead, not Less.

by milesstoneman

avatar 013In a recent U.S. Dept of Justice report, firearm crimes are down – way down since the mid 90’s.  Of course, you wouldn’t know that if you only get your news from the main stream media.  In fact, according to a Pew Research poll, 56% of Americans think that gun crime is way up!  Imagine that.  Now how could the public be so misinformed when we have so much information buzzing around us on the 24/7 news channels?  Unless, of course, those informers are mis-informing us.

In any case, the Los Angeles Times reports that researchers have developed a possible theory which explains all of this:  lower lead in gasoline.  That’s right.  According to the LA Times “Some researchers have even linked dropping crime to reduced lead in gasoline, pointing out that lead can cause increased aggression and impulsive behavior in exposed children.”

I would suggest that it’s not less lead, but more which has made the difference; more copper-jacketed lead in all of those concealed carried and home defense handguns.  Now there’s a way to lower gun violence.