Shooting the Snubby

by milesstoneman

avatar 001On this past Thursday, Mrs. Stoneman and I went to the range for a little practice.  I took the M&P and the Snubby.

I’ve put plenty of rounds through the M&P; in fact, it was the handgun I used for the Defensive Shooting course – in which only 2 of 14 shooters qualified during the first round.  And, yes, I was one of those two.  The Smith & Wesson M&P is an excellent handgun.  If you don’t have one, especially if you think that Glock is the only polymer handgun worth owning, get your hands on an M&P.  You’ll be glad you did.

Although I put a few more through the M&P since I had it with me, I wanted to work with the Smith & Wesson model 637 I bought this year.smith637  I just bought a new holster for it,

a Blackhawk Serpa retention holster. Serpa I was looking forward to practicing the draw and double tap I used with using the M&P.


Shooting a 2 inch barreled revolver, with a 10 pound trigger pull is definitely not the same as shooting a 4.5 inch barreled semi-auto with a 6 pound trigger.

I was all over the paper, and I sometimes didn’t even hit it!  OUCH.

After 50 rounds of disappointment, I did the only thing that made sense – I went and bought 50 more rounds and scheduled another training session.  I may need this handgun in a difficult situation someday.  I want to be ready AND proficient with it.

If you aren’t regularly practicing with your handgun, just remember this – somewhere, someone else is.  And when you meet, he will win.  And there is no second place in a gunfight.