Don’t Depend On The ISRA. Arm Yourself Against The Anti-Gunners.

Logo TCB“When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

We’ve all heard that; may have said it; and might own a T-shirt with that slogan printed on it.  We know that when trouble comes calling, WE are the first responders and WE had better be ready with a .45 caliber answer.

But when we face a show-down with the anti-gunners, often all we do is hope that the ISRA or the NRA are seconds away.  Pitiful.  YOU are the first responder to the anti-gunners.  And if your gun collection is larger than your “gun library”, you might be under-armed.

Arm yourself.

John LottI’ve recently purchased John Lott’s third edition of  “More Guns, Less Crime”.  This book should be on your shelf, and his stats on your lips.  This 442 page paperback has enough statistical details to cross your eyes within just 5 minutes of reading.  But is clear enough to destroy the arguments of anti-gunners in under 5 seconds.

One of the most interesting stats is the financial savings of CCW permits and handguns.  It seems that every person saves from $3000 – $5000 annually when CCW permits are issued and residents obtain them and carry firearms.  The savings results from lower crime rates which mean lower policing costs, lower prison costs, lower insurance costs, etc.  This saving substantially offsets the cost of the permit, gun and training.  (While these savings are applied to everyone, only the “gunners” are paying the cost; the rest of the community rides for free.)

The benefits are not just economic.  Similar to disease control, where un-vaccinated people are protected by the majority of people who are vaccinated, each woman who gets a CCW permit and carries a concealed handgun, keeps 3 other women safe from sexual predation.  More guns, less crime.

So arm yourselves.  First, with guns.1832886

And then build your gun library.  Consider  purchasing Wayne LaPierre’s classic, Guns, Crime and Freedom.  Although it’s over 10 years old, now, it  contains timeless wisdom.

9780674016088-lgWe’ve highlighted Joyce Malcom’s great books in other postings.  See  Search for any of these books and then sort through the list of “customers who bought this also bought” books.  Build your gun library.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:  to close with and destroy the lies of the enemy – the anti-gunners.  Their main weapon is emotion.  (Sandy Hook moms anyone?)  Counter that with facts.  Understand, you won’t change their minds, or even their goal – to disarm the citizens of this once-great nation; but your might convert an innocent bystander who happens to be listening or reading your post.

Don’t depend on the ISRA to fight for you.  Arm yourself.