I like big butts.

by milesstoneman

Logo TCBAnd I cannot lie…

Earlier this year, I purchased the S&W Model 637 Airweight Special.  Model 637 002 (3)Although it’s chambered for +P ammo, even .38 special target ammo made holding on to it during recoil like holding on to a bucking bronc.  And after just 50 rounds, my hands were sore.

Time for a big butt.

41qqkhbp6VL._SY100_Pachmayr Grips – that’s what I’m talking about.

I discovered them on YouTube.  The owner of a 637 with larger hands had been having some of the same difficulties which I was experiencing.  He bought and installed the big butts and loved the results.

Amazon, plastic money and USPS.  The recipe for satisfaction.

After a quick and simple installation, I took the snubbie back out to the range for some practice.I like big butts 002

If you remember, I was having trouble with my groups being low and to the left.  I guessed that I was “pushing” the gun as I pressed the trigger.  This was probably caused by the smaller grips.  I was partly right.

My groups now, in rapid fire, were still low but no longer left.  My newest guess is that, because this is a double-action revolver with a long trigger pull, I’m still pushing the gun down as I press the trigger.  With larger grips which allow me to use all three of my non-trigger fingers, I no longer push left and down, just down.  Although I can put them all on an 8-inch paper plate, I have to hold high.  I don’t believe that the sights are the problem, I’m pretty sure it’s me.

I was able to confirm this by shooting a few groups slow-fire.  This snubbie is a tack-driver at 21 feet (7 yards).  I could tear the sides of existing holes if I took my time.  So it’s not the gun – it’s operator error.  I need more practice with trigger press and maintaining sight alignment.

Other YouTube videos suggested that a “trigger-job” might help, but I’m not going to spend any more hard-earned money on this.  This revolver is meant to be a back-up to my main carry gun, my M&P (which is a tack-driver at 21 feet rapid-fire).  Firearms pictures Nov 2012 068 I want to have a “New-York reload” available to me in an emergency, as well as a “belly-gun” which won’t jam in an “up-close-and-personal” encounter.

I’m satisfied.  I’ll practice more – but in the meantime, I like big butts.