Using that Utah permit

by milesstoneman

Logo TCB“Is that thing loaded?” Mrs. Stoneman fearfully asked.

“If it weren’t, I wouldn’t carry it.”  I replied  “It would be a $500 club.”

I was tucking my M&P 40 into my King Tuk, inside the waistband holster.  We had just crossed the Illinois border into Kentucky.

Today was our anniversary, and we had decided to take a trip to Paducah to have lunch and see a couple of historical sites.  I wanted to also get a little use from my out-of-state concealed carry permits.  Yesterday,  our do-nothing legislature managed to over-ride the veto of our know-nothing governor. We now have the possibility of obtaining an Illinois concealed carry permit sometime within the next 9 months.  Until then, it’s unloaded fanny pack carry in Illinois, and Utah or Arizona permitted loaded carry in nearby states.

Carrying a loaded concealed handgun is a frightening responsibility.  So is freedom.  Those who won’t do the one, shouldn’t expect the other.