High Speed Death Dealing Rimfire Machine

by milesstoneman

Logo TCBI’m not much on the suffix “Jr”.  I’m even less on “little…/big…”  I have a grandson with whom I share a first name, and we don’t use “little/big” designations.  (Although I am “big” Miles.  That peanut butter and beer diet that I’ve been on doesn’t seem to have produced the weight loss results that the internet salesman promised.)

I especially dislike it when anyone refers to a .22 caliber rimfire firearm as “good for beginning or young shooters” or “OK for cheap practice”.  Grrrrr.  (I’ve yet to find anyone willing to stand beside a paper target that I’m shooting at with a rimfire handgun.) ace of spades_0002

(Dream sequence music plays…)                                                                   King Tuk 010

A couple of year ago, I obtained my first handgun.  Although I had owned shotguns and rifles, I had never had a handgun, and didn’t see the need for one.  Then I received a Smith & Wesson M&P 40 as a gift from my stepson. He had been purchasing Glock pistols, and after there were enough foreigners in his gun safe to outvote the S&W, they passed immigration reform and insisted that the M&P be deported to Illinois, a non-gun-friendly state.

rifle pics 006(To be sure, I own one foreign firearm.  It’s a Rossi Matched Pair .22/.410 which I use as a backpack gun.  I will say that although it was made in Brazil, it had to learn English and isn’t allowed to go on welfare.  If it doesn’t hunt squirrels with some success, it won’t get to stay.)

Back to the M&P…

I wasn’t sure what to do with it.  I had no cartridges and nowhere to shoot it.  (I discounted using my basement and a big log as a makeshift shooting range.)  Then a big storm was forecast to come through.  My wife was afraid that our dogs might get injured, and asked me to buy some “bullets” so that I could shoot an injured dog if necessary.  Sure.

I still had nowhere to shoot it (except in the dog pen if necessary), but I now had a high speed death dealing centerfire machine.  That’s what I’m talking about.

Fast forward…

As of the writing of this, I’ve taken and passed the training necessary to obtain certification as a NRA Pistol Instructor (and rifle as well);  have 2 concealed carry permits, and recently, taking a NRA defensive pistol class, was 1 of only 2 shooters to pass the class and receive the certification out of 14 who showed up and paid for the instruction.

Now I own a second M&P.  The M&P 22.M&P 22 003

It’s made in Germany by Walther, but it’s Smith & Wesson American through and through.

M&P 22 013It is the same size and shape as my M&P .40.  I can use the same holsters and train with the same grip and feel.  And when loaded with 12 CCI Stingers (yes 12, not 10 as other rimfire handguns) +1 in the chamber, it’s a high speed death dealing rimfire machine.M&P 22 018

(The only negative I can see so far is the external safety.  Mechanical safeties aren’t really safe; depending on them will get you a negligent discharge every time.  And I really don’t want just one more thing to do if I have to use this under pressure.  But it’s there, and like being over-taxed by our tyrannical government, there’s not much I can do about it.)