Keeping it Safe

by milesstoneman

Logo TCBMrs. Stoneman and I are moving to Ohio.  (They have concealed carry there, unlike Illinois-a-stan.)  We will be moving in (temporarily?) with our daughter and son-in-law.  And their children.  Little kids.

Time to buy a gun safe.

Up until now, we’ve kept our firearms locked up in a small closet, on which we’ve installed a dead bolt lock and door stiffeners.  But with kids around, a safe is in order.

I walked into Dunn’s Sporting Goods and looked over the stock.  All the safes that were displayed would look great in Fort Knox or the Bank of England.  I really didn’t want to live in the safe, just safely store my firearms.  Down by the end, (in the slum district, I assume) was the one I was looking for – the Winchester Deputy 10.CIMG0793

A kind female employee opened it to let me see inside.  “It’ll do.”  I announced.  And pawed out my wallet.

I was satisfied.  But here’s the deal.  I was a little embarrassed.  Walking into a gun store and asking for a small gun safe is like walking into a drug store and asking for a small condom.  You really hate to admit that the small one is big enough, but if you just can’t fill up the big boy, no sense in wasting the space.

The kind female employee pretended not to notice my discomfort.  Bless her.

CIMG0792But now we can store what little we have with assurance; that is unless the kids tie us up and tickle us until we give up the combination.  We will have our firearms locked up and out of the hands of what the NRA call, “unauthorized users”.

How about you?  Got safe?