Precept upon Precept, Line upon Line

by milesstoneman

Logo TCBGun guys and gun gals spend lots of money and time on self-defense.  Or do they only spend time and money on firearms?

For instance, do you wash your hands after using the toilet?  EVERY TIME?  Self-defense starts with personal hygiene.  Really!  If you’re too sick to fight, you’re screwed.

What about the maintenance on your car?  Do you have the oil changed by a professional every 3000 – 5000 miles?  Yes, by a professional; a professional who wants to sell you a part or service, so that if he or she proclaims the car sound after a 26 point safety check, you can bank on it.  If that old POS breaks down on a dark night, you’re screwed.

Do you have smoke detectors in your home?  Carbon monoxide detectors near sleeping areas?  Fire extinguishers?  How up to date is your insurance policy?  Do you have a video or at least pictorial record of your guns and gems?  Have you made copies of your important documents which are stored off site in a safe location?  If you are burned out some winter night and haven’t prepared, you’re screwed.

How is your weight?  Your blood pressure?  Your cholesterol levels?  If you can’t go more than two rounds with a bad guy, you’re screwed.

Do you read the Bible daily and meditate on what God is saying to you?  Do you have a family devotion time throughout the week?  Do you and your spouse pray together?   Without the presence of the Lord, you’re screwed.

You see, having the newest MasterBlaster 5000 and a great hybrid IWB holster is not the end all/be all of self defense.

Build your defense precept upon precept – line upon line.  Here a little, and there a little.avatar 013

And when all that is taken care of, strap on that hog leg and know that you are ready to meet the challenges ahead.  Prepare to defend your family.  Precept upon precept, line upon line.

And remember:  front sight!  Front sight!  Front sight!