Oh, Oh, Oh it’s magic!

by milesstoneman

Logo TCBThe following video, described as a PSA (public service announcement), was forwarded to me by one of my mentors, a man whom I greatly respect.  He didn’t include a comment, so I’m not sure what his reactions were when he watched it.  I am sure what mine are.  Watch the video and come back…


Scary stuff, huh?

First of all let’s address the “high capacity magazine myth”.  A 50 round drum on a semi-automatic pistol would be a high capacity magazine.  Otherwise, we’re talking about STANDARD capacity magazines.  Single stack magazines hold fewer cartridges, double stack magazines hold more.  The handgun manufacturer designed the magazine to hold as many cartridges as possible, while still fitting inside the butt of the handgun and providing reliable feeding without causing the grip width to exceed standards.

Stop saying “high capacity magazines”.  It only feeds the sharks.  Start saying “standard capacity magazines”.  (And never say “clips” unless you are talking about an M-1 rifle.)

Now, was a larger capacity magazine all this family needed?  Look at it again.

Our hero closes his eyes every time he shoots.  Perhaps if he had kept them open, he might have hit the scumbag just south of his eyebrows and only needed one or two cartridges.  How about if we get some training?

And that training should have taught our man how and when to reload.  When the slide locks back (the clicking of trying to fire additional rounds is Hollywood), and no additional bangs are heard, he keeps pulling the trigger.  But our guy doesn’t have an extra magazine, does he?  Furthermore, he should know the capacity of his handgun.  And if he has expended half or more of his ammunition on the first threat, a tactical reload is in order as he breaks his target fixation and scans for additional threats.  Bad form.

And the gun? The expended cartridge cases look to be only 9mm at best.  Bigger bullets make bigger holes.  Bigger holes are better.44-magnum

So what have we learned?

We’re looking at a family who has purchased a handgun with the mistaken belief that now they are safe from harm.  One handgun, one magazine, a gun safe and Oh, Oh, Oh it’s magic.

Buy the biggest handgun you can safely and accurately shoot.  Get training from experienced, professional trainers (avoid YouTube Keyboard Commandos).  Practice, practice, practice.  Become proficient at good shot placement, scanning for additional threats, tactical reloading, and correcting a handgun malfunction – including reloading an empty gun if you’ve let it get that bad.

King Tuk 010Finally, I’ve said before, and I’ll say again:  the best place to keep a gun is in your hand.  However, it makes vacuuming the carpet, washing the dishes, and having sex difficult if not downright dangerous.  So the second best place is in a holster on your body.  Ditto the reload (either extra magazines or speed loaders for your revolver).  Even when I lived in the Peoples’ Republic of Illinois, the first thing I did when I returned home was to load the gun I’d been carrying in the fannypack and put it in a good holster. (Note:  don’t waste your money on one of those nylon one-size-fits-none holsters.)  Mrs. Stoneman wore her handgun at home as well.  If our hero’s missus had been wearing hers she might have at least saved herself and her daughters.

If your state restricts the number of cartridges you can carry in a magazine, move – or at least carry more magazines.  But our man in the video needed more than a higher capacity magazine.  It’s not magic.  And it’s not rocket science either, Einstein.einstein