Have you ever said, “Why bother?”

by milesstoneman

Logo TCBMany of us jump quickly onto the current wave which rolls past our lives.  Perhaps it was bicycling or running for fitness; perhaps it was prepping; maybe it was volunteering time and money for “the cause”.  Some of us got on board with carrying a concealed firearm when it began to be legal.  No matter how interesting the wave might have seemed as it rolled past our lives, once the new has worn off we start looking for the next wave.  (Especially if no one else in your circle caught the wave and those who did aren’t jazzed about it anymore.)  So why bother?  Let’s just keep re-inventing ourselves and catch the next wave!waves

Well, some things matter.  If you have ever decided that a fitness regime was important to you, then it still is.  Whatever your reasons were at the time, they are probably still true and might be more reasonable now.  If you once decided to prepare for some emergency, whether it was a winter/summer storm, or even a total collapse of our government and society, then unless you can show that your initial assessment was wrong, you should still be prepping.  And unless someone has solved those problems which caused you to get off ofRidem Cowboy_0001 the couch, turn off the TV, and begin a Quixotic journey – get back on the horse.

Firearms pictures Nov 2012 060If you decided, in the past, that carrying a loaded firearm was right for you – it was, and still is.  Keep that holster on, pardner.

Unfortunately, carrying a loaded handgun isn’t as convenient as it sounds.  For starters, you have to constantly be aware of where you are and whether or not the people who control the “where” have an objection to citizens carrying firearms there.  I have to disarm myself a few times a week as I go about my daily routine.  But I try to limit those occasions by simply choosing to avoid spending time or money anywhere I can’t carry my gun.  This means avoiding businesses like Olive Garden and JoAnn’s Fabrics.  (And other places who don’t want my business.)

Don’t consider this a complaint about any business or activity which has decided to create a gun-free zone.  They are all within their rights to create this policy. wisconsin_concealed_carry_sign_business_print-re8d0b7642271422b9c0a776bbb54562d_rjc_8byvr_512 If you own the tee-pee, you can control what the other Indians do in it.  As a law abiding citizen  my responsibility is to comply and my privilege is to choose options which are right for me.

But I am definitely in the minority.  Almost an oddity.  Only about 3 percent of Ohioans have a handgun permit.  And less than that regularly carry.  So why bother?  Why not just give it up?

wolfBecause I decided that it was right for me.  I believe that there are predators “out there” and at some time in my life, I might look like prey.  I hope to be able to defend myself when that happens.  And those predators may not all be just ordinary thugs and criminals.  They might belong to a religious/political group or they might even represent me in my own government.Jews-For-The-Preservation-Of-Firearms-Ownership-Logo

The freedom to continue pursuing happiness is worth fighting for.  The alternative is to depend on the mercy of a criminal or political thug.  History is full of unarmed victims who didn’t receive mercy.  Some say “never again”.  Ditto.

So I’ll carry when I can, and worry when I don’t.  And I’ll keep working to change hearts and minds so that the knowledge that someone is carrying a gun isn’t  frightening to other citizens or even the legal departments of corporations.