Until Everybody Wears a Gun

by milesstoneman

Logo TCBIt’s early morning, I’m sitting here in my pajamas, and I have a gun on.  Crazy?  Strange?  I’ve often been accused of being both, and more.  But the real answer is:  I’m prepared.

Like most of you I am not allowed to arm myself for my own defense throughout most of the day.  But when I can – I wear a gun.  I’m prepared.22185716

In his excellent book, “The Law of Self Defense”, Andrew Branca encourages gun owners to carry non-lethal self defense tools as well – as an option.  I own pepper spray, but it’s not really my go-to choice for home defense.  If you’re in my home, uninvited, and you’ve brought trouble, I’d rather have a gun on when I try to convince you to leave.  The entire purpose of self defense tools is to stop the attack.  I am not as confident in pepper spray as some others might be.  I’d rather wear a gun.  I’m prepared.

While listening to a podcast recently, I was amazed at how hard some people work to be prepared for a violent encounter in their home.  The podcaster was suggesting multiple firearms, strategically placed around the house, locked in quick-retrieval single-gun safes.  Simple solutions seem best to me, since I have a simple mind.  I kept wondering, why can’t you just purchase one gun for every adult and have them all wear them in good holsters?  Simple.  Prepared.

If the question is:  “Miles, how long will you keep playing the same tune?’

The answer is:  “Until everybody wears a gun.”

smith637I’m wearing a Smith & Wesson Airweight 38 special sunbby.  Not much weight or bulk for a pajama party.  What do you have on?