Permission Denied

by milesstoneman

Logo TCBA few weeks ago, my wife and I began attending a different church than we have attended since arriving in Ohio.  As you’ll remember, the previous church was quick to grant permission for me to carry my handgun during worship services.

Today I asked permission from the new church.  Permission denied.

I was prepared for a denial.  I was taken by surprise by the wording of the denial.  The senior Pastor said that the church had a “security ministry” which was in place to protect us.  We would therefore not need to carry our own firearms.  Furthermore, he suggested that I should consider joining the security ministry.

By now you’re saying, “Great Miles!  You would be allowed to arm yourself AND participate as a sheep dog.”

Not so fast, Pilgrim.

I’ve really had a belly full of well-meaning people taking care of otherwise capable adults.

We have people who take care of our health care needs, people who provide our security, people who clothe, feed, and house us.  Furthermore, there are people making sure we don’t harm ourselves by using tobacco, drinking alcohol, eating too much sugar, forgetting to wear seat belts, buying baby beds with slats too far apart, playing tag at recess, and even drinking sugary-sweet sodas in quantities more than 16 ounces!  And if the ignorant masses can’t take care of those things without the help of others, surely they should not be trusted with firearms.

Enough already.sanctuary

If I can safely carry my firearm to church, and after church, safely carry it to WalMart or Bob Evans, then SURELY I can safely carry it during a worship service.

This same church, like most others, has a place where parents can “drop off” their children to be taught by the children’s ministry.  And that same church chooses all of the music that I’ll participate in through their music ministry.  And the Bible is expounded to us by the pastoral ministry.   In fact, the building is probably cleaned by a cleaning ministry team, and the grounds are kept by the grounds keeping ministry.  We all have a place in this TEAM – TO EACH A MINISTRY, right?

While I can appreciate division of labor according to spiritual gifting,  what if we stop being passive consumers, and begin to be responsible.  My children are my responsibility to teach.  I can sing unto the Lord with songs, hymns, and spiritual songs.  As a Berean, it’s my responsibility to search the scriptures for myself and my family.

How much more, is it my responsibility to protect myself and my wife.

John LottFirearms are tools, and handguns are designed for personal protection.  Trained, law abiding handgun carriers ENHANCE public safety.  More guns equal less crime.  If we truly want a safe society, let’s arm everyone who is willing to be trained.  Let’s uphold the constitutional right to bear arms, and the human right to self defense, and stop resorting to a security ministry.

My wife asked me the $10,000 question:  Does this mean that we won’t be going back?

Of course not.  I might even ask to be part of the security ministry.

I’m guessing that if the pastor sees this, though, I’m not going to get the opportunity.  (Sigh)