Their present is our future.

by milesstoneman

635920821106434985-caucusstillElections matter.  Today is caucus day here in Kentucky.  After writing this, I intend to meet with other Republicans from my county and cast my vote.  If the primary or caucus in your area is yet to come – be sure to meet your obligation as a citizen.  Elections matter.

In June of 2015, Scotland passed a new law requiring air gundaisy owners to be licensed.  It will take effect in July 2016.  Air gun owners have to apply for a government license to “possess, purchase, or acquire an air weapon”.  Failure to do so is punishable by 2 years in prison.  The applicant must satisfy the Chief Constable that she or he is “fit to be entrusted with an air weapon” and “has good reason for using, purchasing, possessing or acquiring an air weapon”.  Police may “visit the applicant’s usual place of residence” and “inspect any place where the applicant intends to store or use an air gun”.  The permit is valid for 5 years.

Australia has a similar air gun law, and recently, the Townsville Crocodiles, a team with theth Australian National Basketball league, were informed by the Queensland Police Service, that their “cannon” (a pvc pipe which, with the help of compressed air, shot T-shirts to the crowd) was a Category B weapon, akin to a centerfire rifle, and the “cannon” was confiscated.

Contrast that with the 1689 English Bill of Rights which listed “having arms for defense” as an ancient right.  Apparently, ancient rights can be taken away by the government.  In 1997, the English Parliament enacted the Firearms Act which banned handguns.  The penalty for keeping your guns was 10 years imprisonment.

9780674016088-lgProfessor Joyce Lee Malcom, in her book Guns and Violence,  masterfully takes the reader from the 1689 English Bill of Rights to the current bans on guns and even laws against self-defense.  Self-defense is punishable by law.  At my workplace, I’m not allowed to carry any knife with a blade length more than 2 inches.  That parallels English law, but in English law, the knife cannot have a locking mechanism, AND, if questioned, you must not say you are carrying it to defend yourself.  It then becomes, by law, an offensive weapon and you’ll be arrested and jailed.

Their present is our future – unless we stop it.

Last week, as I was bringing in my trash can from the street, my neighbor hailed me.  He was with another man, and was putting an election sign in his yard.  He invited me over to meet the man, and warmly introduced him.  I met Ricky Alvey, running for State Senator.  Mr. Alvey asked for my vote.  Although it was awkward, I asked him which party heD represented, since his sign was silent about that detail.  “I’m a Democrat”, he replied.

I looked him in the eye and said, politely, “then I’ll never vote for you.”  I went on to say that his party stood firmly against everything I stood for, and for everything I stand against.  He assured me that his views were not like the Democratic party. He said, “I’m pro-family, pro-gun, pro-life.”  I replied, “Sir, you need to change your party, you are failing to honestly represent the views of the party you’ve chosen.”

His only response was that he was for the “little guy”, that’s why he was a Democrat.  Well, little old lady“little guys” need to be able to own, and carry guns for their defense – there are too many “big guys” who have either the strength advantage or the firearms advantage over “little guys”, especially if those little guys can’t own an “equalizer”.  And make no mistake, the Democratic party wants to take your guns away.  Party affiliation matters.  Elections matter.

Unless we stop it, the present state of self-defense and firearm laws in England and Australia, is our future.  Party control matters. Elections matter.

“I read about some squirrely guy
Who claims, he just don’t believe in fightin’
An’ I wonder just how long
The rest of us can count on bein’ free”  (Walkin’ on the Fightin’ Side of Me – Merle Haggard)