Will you do it for 10? What about 9? Or 8?

by milesstoneman

destructionIn Genesis 18 we come across the narrative of the planned destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  These two wicked cities were about to have their tickets punched.  Abraham, perhaps thinking of his nephew Lot, begins to bargain with God about possibly sparing the cities.  He starts the bargaining at sparing them for 50 righteous men and works down to 10.  A pretty gutsy thing to do.

I thought of that story yesterday when I was approached about holding a concealed carry class.  “How many students do you need to hold a class?”  I was asked.

“One.”  I said.  (Since fewer than one wouldn’t actually be a class, it would just be practice.)

I often hear someone say, “I really need to get my permit”.  Yet they haven’t gotten around to it.  Perhaps one ofhomeschool the hindrances is just signing up for a class and going to it.  What if the class came to you?   Would that make it easier?

We all live busy lives.  But we all need to carry our guns.  And until the right to carry our guns concealed is recognized by the state we live in, as a right, not a state-granted privilege, we’ll have to take the prescribed course so we can conceal our guns and “take ’em to town”.  That’s where I can help.

Last weekend, I held a class for a couple of Kentucky residents who wanted CCDW permits.  1st classIt was in their living room.  And since they lived outside of town, and had a safe place to shoot, we were able to complete the shooting portion of the class right out back.

There are three things to accomplish before you can apply for your CCDW permit:  (1) a six-hour class, during which we watch a state video (2) passing the written test, and (3) shooting 20 rounds at a B-21 Target and hitting it 11 times.  It’s pretty simple, straight-forward stuff.  The hard part seems to be getting to the class.

I’m working on my set-up so that I can take the class to the students.  Between my laptop,img_1079 a small TV and DVD player, portable target stands and visual aids, I can hold it at your house, and by adding my deep-cycle batteries and inverters, I could pull it off in the woods!  Imagine the possibilities.  Now that would be cool!

In any case, I want to see every qualified Kentucky resident owning and carrying concealed handguns for self-defense.  And I’m prepared to do my part. So how many students will it take for me to hold a class?

One.  Contact me.