Democrats say, “The NRA won again…”

by milesstoneman

Last week another Muslim terrorist declared his allegiance to ISIS, despite being a United130124_feinstein_awb_mahaskey_605 States Citizen, and killed and maimed over 100 other US citizens.  In the wake of that act of war, the Democratic Party took to the microphones to push it’s gun-control agenda again.

As usual for Democrats, political rhetoric trumped common sense, and anyone who didn’t agree simply  were not “serious about stopping gun violence” according to Katie McGinty, who is hoping to unseat Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania.  When the facts are revealed, none of the bills which were hastily pushed forward would have prevented the attack.  In fact John Lott says that “none of the bills would have stopped any of the mass public shootings since at least 2000”.  But the fact that the emperor is naked has to be covered up by the Democrats.  Instead they have to blame the bogey man – the National Rifle Association, the NRA.

nraorg_logoWho is the NRA?  Are they simply a “gun lobby” paid for by gun manufacturers?  Are they heartless, cruel advocates of an amendment to the US Constitution which is out of date, and out of step with American thinking?

The NRA was formed in New York in the year 1871 by William Conant Church, the Army and Navy Journal editor, and George Wood Wingate, an Army Captain.  The first president of theHD_burnsideAE1 NRA was General Ambrose Burnside.  During the Civil War, soldiers fired approximately 1000 rounds for every enemy killed.  General Burnside is reportedly to have said, “Out of ten soldiers who are perfect in drill and the manual of arms, only one in ten knows the purpose of the sights on a rifle or are capable of hitting the broad side of a barn.”  Marksmanship training was the answer.

After traveling to Europe to study European armies’ marksmanship training, Captain Wingate came home and wrote the first American marksmanship training 1926061873JuneHarpersWeeklyTheCreedmoorriflerangemanual.  The New York legislature funded the building of a range at Creedmore, Long Island.  The NRA was established to enhance the marksmanship of American soldiers and civilians and began to do just that.

In 1873, the world champion Irish shooting team, challenged the Americans to a match.  Using newly enhanced breech loading rifles, the eight American riflemen who entered the match handily won over the Irish, and established themselves, and America by extension, as the world leaders in marksmanship.  Today, the NRA still teaches gun safety and marksmanship with thousands of instructors across these fruited plains.  I am one of those NRA instructors.

a-grantOne of the past presidents of the NRA was General U.S. Grant, also a past president of the United States.  Another past president was Grant’s longtime friend, General William Tecumseh Sherman.

During World War II, before the United States entered the war, Britain stood alone against Germany after the other nations had capitulated to Hitler.  Unfortunately, due to over a century of gun-control legislation, they were mostly unarmed.  The call that came to the United States for help was answered, in part, by the NRA.  Many of its members boxed up and sent personal weapons to Britain to help them win the fight against Nazism.

Finally, the NRA has over 5 million members.  Those members are voting citizens.  Those members ARE the NRA.  So when the Democrats say, “the NRA won again”, they are saying that, at least, 5 millions Americans won again against legislation which seeks to disarm them in the face of our enemies, foreign and domestic.  I say, yea!  I won.  nralogo-650x0