Same Circus Different Clowns

by milesstoneman

13599928_198656040536876_2797153545110442806_nFor a few days, I changed my FB profile picture to a happier image.  Instead of using background pictures of flags, parchment copies of the Constitution, and rifles, I decided to please the audience with a clown picture.

I stopped posting warnings to the few friends I have about the impending loss of our liberty and about getting ready for the rough ride coming.  No one wanted to see that.  They wanted clowns.  Well…send in the clowns.

In the next two weeks, both major parties will hold their national conventions.  We’ll get to13626626_198937683842045_1818897897726814246_n see juggling, dancing, clowns pulling stuff out of hats, and lots of face-paint.  We see this same circus on every available media outlet every four years.  And although we complain, we watch with fascination.

13681017_199527213783092_7017640949866406508_nBehind the scenes, however, those parties are stealing our liberties. Neither the Democrats nor Republicans represent freedom.  They are Socialist Party D, and Socialist Party R.  Re-read the bill of rights and find one, except for #3 which hasn’t been stolen in some way or other by both parties. (Do you even know what #3 is?  Sigh.)

We no longer have free speech, free press, or freedom of association. The Black Lives Matter Movement and the LGBTQ movement has managed, with 13728985_199939537075193_5420693289182193288_ngovernment help, to kill those freedoms.  We are losing our freedom to keep and bear arms at an alarming rate, thanks to Bloomberg’s anti-gun groups, and help from a liberal media and our government.  Goodbye to freedom from unreasonable searches thanks to NSA and the collusion of the Patriot Act.  And forget all about being secure in your property.  If the government decides that someone else needs it more – they take it at the point of a gun and give it away.

13614994_199283070474173_3740220805825574259_nSo we as Americans hide our heads in the sand, or up our collective ass, and play Pokemon Go.  Don’t forget, that it was the circus which hid the fall of Rome from it’s citizens until it was too late to recover.  I wonder if it’s already too late for us.

Same Circus, Different Clowns.