Is Hillary Clinton a Conservative Christian Republican?

by milesstoneman

i-voted-stickerLet’s get right to the point.  I overheard a conversation recently at the sportsman’s club to which I belong.  A Democrat was touting Hillary’s credentials, and a Republican said that she simply wasn’t going to vote.  Trump wasn’t “her kind of Republican, and certainly wasn’t a Conservative”.  She would just stay home.  I interrupted her to ask why she would choose to vote for Hillary.  She denied such a thing, but I assured her that not voting for Trump would be casting a ballot for Hillary – there are only 2 viable candidates in the race.

So – Is Trump “your kind of Republican’?  Is he “your idea of a Conservative”? Is he really aDonald-Trump-and-Hillary-Clinton-1062x598 “Christian”?  Does he have what it takes to be a good president?  Should you just lay out if he’s not?  Out of 16 candidates, I’m not thrilled at the choice of the Republican Party.  But I haven’t liked their choices for some time, now.  However, the alternative is unthinkable.  I’m a yellow dog Republican – I’d sooner vote for a yellow dog than vote for a Democrat.  How about you?

Ask yourself:

  1. Is Hillary your kind of Republican?
  2. Is Hillary a conservative?
  3. Is Hillary a Christian?
  4. Does Hillary have what it takes to be a good president?

So why would you vote for her?   Make up your mind now.  Maybe Trump isn’t your “cup of tea”, maybe he is, but would you rather have Hillary ruin this country instead?  Get a yard sign.  Donate money.  Vote Trump.

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