Want your country back? Defeat the Democratic Party – they took it.

by milesstoneman

coal-minerI am worn out hearing, “I vote Democrat because they’re for the little guy”.  OK.  Let’s look at the facts (of course, facts don’t impress Democrats; if they did Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be their nominee for president this year).

While there were no political parties during the Revolution and for a little while afterward, we can thank those who would come to be Democrats for the stain on our national conscience known as Slavery.  The Second President, John Adams, was a staunch abolitionist before abolitionism became popular. His VP and Jefferson-and-Slave-400successor,  Virginian Tomas Jefferson was a slave owner (as were many of the founders).  Slavery was entrenched in the South and became part of the Constitution when Southern representatives to the Constitutional Convention declared openly, that union wasn’t possible without the allowance of human bondage.  Compromises had to be made with those who would become Democrats, compromises which haunt us to this very day.

map-indian-removal2Another stain on our national conscience is the Indian Removal Act of 1830.  Signed by President Andrew Jackson – a Democrat.  The Act forced the removal of Native Americans from Southern States so that their land could be had for the asking.  We remember it as the “Trail of Tears”. Between 2000-6000 Indians died along the way that winter.  Not one of our best moments as a great nation, and not in keeping with “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” promised by our declaration.

How about that Civil War?  650,000 Americans were killed, millions of dollars were spent537 and millions of dollars of property was destroyed.  Want to guess who brought us that little American event?   Democrats.  In order to maintain slavery, they were willing to sacrifice the country and tear it apart.  They still are.  Thank you Democratic Party?

How about that income tax?  1913.  President Woodrow Wilson.  Democrat.

unitednations1Like the United Nations anyone?  Wilson again.  Democrat

How much are your Medicare and Social Security taxes?  Franklin Roosevelt.  Democrat.

Medicaid, Welfare, Food Stamps and the fraud, waste, and abuse they bring?  Lyndon Johnson.  Democrat.

The Gun Control Act of 1968?  Lyndon Johnson.  Democrat.wisconsin_concealed_carry_sign_business_print-re8d0b7642271422b9c0a776bbb54562d_rjc_8byvr_512

Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994?  Bill Clinton.  Democrat.

ObamaCare?  Barak Obama.  Democrat.

thL21U41A5Gay Marriage?  Barak Obama.  Democrat.

Violence in our cities:  Detroit?  New Orleans?  Baltimore?  Chicago?  All run by Democrats.

The party of Lincoln, who was murdered by a member of the Democratic Party, was established to promote freedom and prosperity for all.  They have stumbled along the way; many of their candidates forget their mandate once they are elected.  But if you want to take back your country – take it back from the Democratic Party.  They are the ones who took it from you, and they are intent on giving it to a global government.  Defeat the Democratic Party and you have a chance to bring back Christian liberty and national prosperity.  Unless you just want to give up now and accept that New World Order.