Taking sides – you can’t stay home when the war starts.

Only the lazy and cowardly retreat behind “can’t we all just get along”.  As we have seen in this series, war is nothing more than one side trying to impose it’s will on another side.  Unfortunately, when diplomacy fails, armed violence begins.  And sides are drawn up.

Most of the Church wants, in concert with the collectivists, to establish a Heaven on earth.  And for those who believe that it’s not possible, they just won’t play – they’ll cover their heads with their offering bags and hope that the rapture is just around the corner.  These Christians want to delude themselves that they are “above” politics and culture wars.  “This is not my home, I’m just a pilgrim passing through”.  Well, like it or not, while you’re passing through, you will need to do the hard work of deciding which side you’re on.

Fighting is hard, so lazy people will decide that the fight is just not their fight.  Deer hunters, for instance, who don’t own AR-15’s or handguns, think that the 2nd Amendment battles are not their fight.  Fish hunters are sure it’s not their fight.  Heterosexuals in monogamous marriages believe that they can ignore the perverted values of sodomites.  And we all watch movies and televised sports, as long as the entertainment value satisfies us; so who cares what those idiots in media and the entertainment industry say or do?

What kind of nation are you passing on to your children and grandchildren?  Will it be a nation whose core value is freedom?   If you have been unwilling to participate in the political process to protect our freedom, we can assume that you’d be unwilling to fight to regain it once it’s lost.  But if someone else is willing to protect or regain it, you’d be OK with that?

Only the lazy and cowardly would do that.  Women and men of principle will do the hard work of learning about and understanding freedom, and the dangerous work of taking a position to  defend it.

Friction, according to General Gray, is a byproduct of war.  Not just external friction, such as terrain or enemy movement, but internal friction – indecision.  Deal with that friction now.  Take sides.