OK, Trump won – it’s over, right?

by milesstoneman

On Wednesday morning, November 9th, I sat down at my computer feeling the resignation of a condemned man about to be offered his last meal.  I didn’t stay up late on Tuesday to watch election returns and I was apprehensive that Hillary had won. So when I saw President-elect Trump’s picture on the MSN news site, I was relieved; but not euphoric.  Now, there was work to be done.

You will never be in more danger than  immediately after you win the battle.  The greatest temptation is to rejoice.  And you’ll think that your greatest need is rest.  But your greatest need is to re-arm and set up a defensive perimeter.  Newly won territory is not kept by resting, but by preparing to defend it from the inevitable counter-assault.  Never stop fighting just because you believe the enemy has been defeated.  Stop fighting when the enemy believes they have been defeated.

We have elected a Republican president, and Congress.   However, President -elect Trump is a newer conservative, we can’t be sure how the thin air of Washington D.C will affect him.  Think Mark Kirk.

Mike Pence seems to be a conservative, but can you remember his capitulation on the Defense of Religion law passed by his state legislature once the media and homosexuals put pressure on him?  And the Congress, don’t get me started, they are still the same old Congress that has capitulated to the Democrats and the Media for the last eight years.  Why should the next four be any different?

Democrats, who stopped representing morality, patriotism, and the rule of law decades ago, are not known for their willingness to acquiesce easily.  This will be a fight to the finish.  Case in point, there is already an online petition, signed by over 3 million Democrats, to convince the presidential electors to become “false” electors, and change their votes to Hillary.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll approach all of this with the help of the Marine Corps doctrine on war, “Warfighting”, penned by U.S. Marine Corps Commandant General A.M. Gray.  We haven’t “taken back” our country or our values yet, folks. We’ll need to repeal the 16th, 17th, and 26th Amendments to the US Constitution.  We’ll  need a Supreme Court decision, clearly defining the 14th Amendment to exclude “anchor babies” and recognize US Citizenship ONLY for those born here with at least one parent who is already a US Citizen.

And finally, we’ll have to begin dismantling the 4th branch of government, an extra-constitutional branch, the regulatory branch of government.  All of those alphabet departments will have to be eliminated, and the power returned to the people, to whom it rightfully belongs.

Sound impossible?  So did defeating the strongest military power in the world in 1776, by a citizen militia.  But sometimes, impossible things happen.warfighting-usmc-marines-ebook-cover