Time to be Offensive

by milesstoneman

“In Republican and Democratic administrations alike, conservative researchers have the-war-on-gunsmissed out on public funding.  Republicans have simply not been as ruthlessly partisan as Democrats have been when it comes to allocating research dollars.  Democrats,  by constrast, make sure …to fund studies that will support their positions.” (John Lott The War on Guns )

Republican voters have complained that the Republicans we send to Washington are simply not willing to take the fight to the Democrats.  They are not even the-manchurian-candidatewilling to defend their positions.  Perhaps the candidates we are voting for are Manchurian candidates.  They have become part of the systematic repression of individual liberty in order to realize a collectivist state.  Simply put – they are with them, they are not us.  We are freedom people.  We want to impose freedom on every American.

“At least one party to a conflict must have an offensive intention, for without the desire to impose upon the other, there would be no conflict.  Similarly, the second party must at least possess a defensive desire, for without the willingness to resist, there would be no conflict.” (General A. M. Gray Warfighting)

The recent election cycle has revealed the true colors of the Republican Party.  They will not defend freedom.  Republican Congressmen and Congresswomen repeatedly tried to sabotage Mr. Trump, EVEN AFTER HE WAS THE PARTY NOMINEE, AND SABOTAGING HIS CAMPAIGN WOULD HAVE HANDED THE ELECTION TO THE DEMOCRATS!  They are not the “freedom party”; they are them and not us.

gadsden-flagWe need to organize ourselves and take the fight to both the Democrats and the Republicans.  There is a war on our culture, our religion, our families, and on our freedom.  It’s time to be offensive.

“The offense, with it’s positive aim, would always be preferable.  But… if we are to mount an offensive to impose our will, we must develop enough force to overcome the inherent superiority of the enemy’s defense.” (General A. M. Gray Warfighting)

The collectivists have the stronger position, but weaker aims.  Their goals are antithetical to the spirit of America.  Individual freedom is not only the foundation of our great nation,unitednations1 it’s in the DNA of every American. (This is why immigration is so important to them.  If they can import enough non-Americans to out-vote us, or culturally  overwhelm our position, they win).

We will not win this war by immersion in their culture through their literature, arts and entertainments. Media outlets parrot the collectivists doctrine.  Their schools and their churches have become propaganda centers.

Patriots must immerse themselves in the language and culture of freedom. Everything must be filtered through a “freedom-biased” filter. “Fix your thoughts on what is true, and right, and honorable, and pure and lovely, and admirable.  Think on these things.”  Philippians 4.8  “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again with a  yoke of slavery.”  Galatians 5.1

“Offense is the preferred form, for only through offense can we truly pursue a positive aim…”  (General A. M. Gray Warfighting)

We have a positive aim.  Individual liberty, the free market system, and a Christian culture are our starting point and our aim.  It’s time to leave the faux security of the defense, and take it to the enemy.  It’s time to be offensive.