Then God said, “Let there be war” and there was war.

false-and-true-evolutionFull disclosure:  the editorial staff of The Cartridge Box rejects an evolutionary world view.  We hold a theocentric world view.  If it occurs, God did it, or allowed it, and will use it to serve His purpose.  Period.

I’m finishing a remarkable book on the prelude to the Civil War, “The Impending Crisis”, written by David M. Potter in 1975.  Throughout the book, he points out the “hinge” events which brought civil war to a state of inevitability.  Historians, he will say, disagree as to why these events occurred.  They9780061319297 instead propose counterfactual events:  “What if this had happened instead of that?”  in trying to understand the past.

Well the reason for those hinge events is as plain to me as the nose on my fat, bearded face – God was bringing the United States into compliance with his will, which at that present time, was ending human bondage, and in the coming future would be the developing of the US into a world power which would then be able to defeat Japan and Hitler, and then help establish Israel in 1948.  And the United States was resisting His will.

So just like you often do when some bolt seems stuck – you apply a little more force – God applied a little more force.

This week, we are inaugurating a new president.  This past election cycle and it’s outcomeinauguration2013_headline-e1456092057625 have taken many, including me, by surprise.  No one seems able to accurately explain the sequence of events which have brought us here.  No one seems able to accurately predict the fallout of those events.  It seems as if the world is on it’s head.

Welcome to the election of 1860.  Abraham Lincoln won a national election despite not being on the ballots in 10 states.  Immediately after, 7 states made plans to leave the Union, and all the southern people shouted “not my president” “not my flag”.  Sound familiar?

Although the people of 1860 were flummoxed, God was still on the throne.  And, from that throne, He was declaring war.  And the war came.

This year…?  I don’t yet know, but God is still on his throne, and AR-15 rifles are still legal to buy.   Luke 22.36 has become my “life verse”.   Consider making it yours.