This is a Test

abeIn his Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln posited that the Civil War was a test of whether or not our nation, “conceived in liberty” would endure.  We are being tested again.

The progressives have resolutely chosen, since at least 1913, to deny the supremacy of a nation “conceived in liberty”.   They fling about the word “jingoism” as a pejorative label.  It is not a pejorative label.  It’s not wrong to be jingoistic – if you’re right.

jingoistic:  declaring patriotism loudly and excessively, favoring vigilant preparedness for4th war and an aggressive foreign policy.

The kind of government established on this continent by our Constitutional framers in 1789 –  dedicated to individual liberty guarded by a limited government, is far superior to every other kind of government on the Earth.  But, paraphrasing  Mr. Lincoln, I wonder if it “can long endure”.

Our schools, long ago, stopped teaching our children a positive American history.  In fact, they teach not only a truncated revised version, but many schools have opted to teach only world history now.  And the last few generations of young Americans no longer know what it means to be an American, and no longer believe that our way of life is based on a superior idea.

deplorablesOur way of life is held up as corrupt, indifferent, and selfish.  We are told that only by bowing to the rest of the world, and accepting their “truth” can we be acceptable.  It was said in the last Presidential campaign that we who believe that the United States is superior to other nations, and that the ideas of individual liberty, limited government, and secure borders makes us “deplorable”.

This is a test:  testing whether this nation, conceived in liberty, can long endure.  I hope we pass.  The world still needs the light of liberty shining from a city on a hill.