Sunday is Gun-Day

by milesstoneman

the-parable-of-the-sower-mind-mapSo Jesus told this parable:

A farmer goes out to plant seeds.  Since he’s using the broadcast method, some seeds fall on rocky soil, some seeds fall on shallow soil, some seeds fall on the sidewalk, and some seed, finally, hits good ground.  These seeds have a life span or production rate which corresponds to the quality of soil into which they were sown.

Jesus was speaking of the Kingdom of God and the fruit produced by a hearer.  But his metaphor is adaptable to many other things.  Guns come to mind.

The seeds on the sidewalk never produce anything.  We see those seeds…we can see the people who don’t know anything about guns, and never want to.  Dianne Feinstein feinstein-gun-controlcomes to mind,  along with a wide swath of current society.  “Can’t we just all get along?”  “I’m tired of all these ‘downer’  posts.”  “Why do hunters need a 30 round magazine to hunt deer, anyway?”

The seeds on the shallow ground seem to take hold, but, not everybody agrees with their position, so, they hide their light, and it eventually goes out.  We know these people, too.  They don’t want to be seen as “gun nuts”.  They have some old .22 caliber revolver at home or a single barrel shotgun in the closet, so they aren’t “anti-gun”.  They’re just not pro-gun; at least not so you would notice.

fc2612042ce8175315acac35100b9a43The seeds on the rocky ground take hold, too.  But…they are too busy to train or attend classes.  Their budget is too tight to buy ammo or  firearms, or join a gun club.  And besides, we  have the police.  They practice, don’t they?  And if it gets really bad, we have the National Guard we can call out.  Right?

Some of the seeds, thankfully, fall on good soil.  Because these people know history  they are attuned to the dangers of thuggery and tyranny which are ever present in a human society.  So, despite being  busy, they carvethMUBZHH6G out  some time and some financial resources  for a class, or another firearm, or more ammo.  And they train.  And train.  And train.

Sunday is gun-day in the Stoneman house.  Sunday morning finds me in my reload room reloading ammo, or dry-firing, or reading about history or 2nd amendment politics, or watching gun videos.  Will I ever need my gun skills?  Maybe not.  But no one who ever entered a gun-fight or civil war or revolution had the time to either gain or to polish up those rusted skills once the trouble came knocking on their door.

Today is the day of salvation, from thuggery and tyranny.  Let Sunday be your gun-day as well.  If you attend church, that’s great.  But skip that afternoon nap and get to your reload room, or whatever you have and polish your gun skills.  Also begin to give to yourself.  Designate some portion of your income to your gun skills (classes, books, videos, MORE AMMO).  Skip that can of Skoal, or that pack of Marlboros, or those cans of Ski or Natty Lite if you have to.

On the first day of the week, let’s prepare ourselves for the rest of peace, not to rest in peace.  Make Sunday Gun Day in your house.

And jesus said If you don't have an AR-15 sell your coat and buy one t-shirt