Be Good to the Supply Sergeant

by milesstoneman

2-wnx65ds_1Last week, a friend asked me what I thought about the 6.5 mm Creedmor – he was thinking of purchasing a rifle in that caliber.

My very first thought was “Oh no!  When the war starts, you’ll only be able to use it until you run out of the ammo you’ve stored. And if you break an extractor or firing pin – well, you could always use it to hold up the center of your poncho if you have to use your poncho as a shelter.”maxresdefault

My second thought was, “Wow!  If I say that, he’ll think I’m a nut!  Better just talk about the ballistics of the cartridge and let it go at that.”

One of the great challenges for resistance groups is the wide variance of rifles and ammunition likely to be had at the start.  In every resistance conflict in history, the patriot groups bring cretan-warriorstogether whatever they already have at home, or can “requisition” from the enemy.  And the poor supply sergeant in S-3 is faced with the responsibility to then get the right ammunition to the right units to keep all those rifles fed.  And the company armorer has to be an absolute magician to keep all those rifles running.

Standardization of manufacturing is an American invention.  At the International Industrial Exhibition held at the Crystal Palace in England in 1851, a technician was handedLondon,CrystalPalace,vintagephotoofthereconstructionoftheearlierbuildingerectedinHydePark 10 Springfield muskets, each made in a separate year. He disassembled the muskets, filling a box with the parts, then reassembled 10 muskets flawlessly from the accumulated parts:  to the amazement of onlookers.  Repeat, standardization of rifles is an American idea!


Although the armorer in your company and the S-3 will be glad you’ve shown up with something, when the war starts,  they’ll be 2-ph5bcg-ar15_1happier if you show up with697366i2_ts an AR-15 chambered in 5.56 NATO, a couple of spare bolt carrier groups, and 1000 rounds of 5.56 mm NATO (.223 Rem) ammo which can be shared out with the others as needed.

Be good to your supply sergeant,  get America’s Rifle – the AR-15 chambered in 5.56 mm NATO.  It will be more than adequate for all your small – medium hunting needs, and you’re not gonna go elk hunting this year anyway.  But if the war starts…

And jesus said If you don't have an AR-15 sell your coat and buy one t-shirt