Sugary Sodas and the 2nd Amendment

by milesstoneman

cokeAt first glance, there seems to be no connection with sugary sodas and the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution.  But a deep look reveals a frightening similarity.  Standard military doctrine insists that if you can’t safely assault an entrenched position, you can still win by siege.

At the beginning of the year, Seattle soda drinkers began paying 1.75 cents extra ,per ounce, for their sodas.  The tax was designed to lower obesity (thought to be caused by these drinks) as well as raise revenue for “worthy purposes” (read that – line politicos’ pockets).

Like all taxes, the straight line from A-B is often circumvented by A-C-B.  You guessed it, you just have to buy your sodas outside of town.  However, the state is now considering applying that tax to the entire population.  Leaving the state for a Coke probably won’t be very feasible.

So what does that have to do with the 2nd Amendment?  Everything.gunpile

It has finally dawned on the left that outright banning of firearms is a non-starter here in America.  It doesn’t appear that even staging killings at schools or concerts will move the American people in that direction.  Well, if they can’t take your guns, they can always starve them to death.

Enter the ammunition tax increase.

While there are currently taxes on ammo, some of which, ostensibly, pay for the Department of Natural Resources (or Fish and Wildlife departments) and things like Hunter Education, they aren’t excessive yet.  HOWEVER, it doesn’t take much imagination to foresee a time when the left, if they gain power again, will tax ammo at confiscatory levels.

If you can’t feed your rifle, it’s just a 7.5 pound stick.  (And if your rifle doesn’t have a bayonet lug, it’s not even a sharp stick.)  Your handgun becomes a tactical paperweight.

1234054_1So you’ll just reload?  What if reloading, even for personal use, was put in the same category with gunsmithing, and required an FFL?  What if the FFL fee went to $2500?  What if there were a 10 year prison sentence for those caught reloading without that expensive FFL?

The simple answer is this:  buy more ammo – now.  While you can’t stock up on sugary sodas, and expect the stockpile to remain in pristine quality for the long haul, you CAN store ammunition for years, even caching it if necessary, with no long term disability.

Yes, it’s true you can’t eat your ammo, but you can trade it (or sell it) for things you need, or just use it to take what you need.  But if you don’t have it – getting it might be very difficult indeed.  Anybody remember the fun getting .22 ammo these last few years?

The bottom line is this:  the left will not stop trying to disarm us.  We need to see those threats and take them seriously, then take any reasonable steps to defeat their agenda.  Step one:  buy more ammo.  Now.