A Market Solution to the School Shooting “Problem”

by milesstoneman

216[1]This week, thanks to the actions of one troubled teen-ager in Florida, we’ve had to watch the grief of parents and friends, and had to listen to the simplistic solutions voiced by commentators, and in one case, by children.

The problem is a complex, nuanced problem, and simplistic solutions are not going to give us the results we are hoping for – indeed the results we need.

But there is a “market solution” which will begin to solve this problem.

We’re all aware of the basics of supply and demand.  But we may not be aware that the miracle of the market is the solving of the “information” problem.  How many hotdogs do we need to purchase?  What should be the price of hotdogs?  To which outlets do we need to deliver those hotdogs?  If you were designated the “Hotdog Czar” today, could you solve those complex problems?  Probably not soon, nor at any time.  But the market solves them every day.  When was the last time that you wanted a hotdog and couldn’t get one?

School violence can be solved the same way.  The key is letting the “market” work.  WeBIG-Ammo have to get rid of government interference first.

“Gun Free Zones” create a monopoly for the shooter.  Monopolies, as we all know are bad for the consumer.  However, armed law enforcement patrolling our school halls, while continuing the “gun free zone” for everyone else is still a monopoly.  And monopolies are bad for the consumer.

The market solution would be to allow any adult, not otherwise unqualified from owning a gun (and that’s a blog for another day) to carry a concealed revolver or pistol if they choose – ANYWHERE THEY CHOOSE TO.  You see, a market solution.  Now the government doesn’t have to solve the information problem:  who is the bad guy, where CCDW Seal.inddwill he strike next?  The market will solve that problem.  Those who aren’t comfortable carrying a gun don’t need to – in fact, statistics show that each concealed carrier today “protects” 3 or 4 others who don’t carry, simply because the bad guy doesn’t know just who really is carrying a gun.

And according to the laws of supply and demand, very soon, the supply for protection will reach equilibrium with the demand for protection, and we’ll see school shootings, or every other kind of shootings decline rapidly.

So, rather than training and arming specific “heroes” at each school (what if they are sick today?), and rather than spending more taxpayer money on more failed government plans to protect us (can any cop be everywhere all at once?), how about a market solution?  Let’s apply laissez faire to school shooting problems.  Let the market produce enough protection, without the interference of government simplistic solutions.  Then we’ll have peace.