It’s not really Greek – it’s shorthand

dT8dbg6TeBefore you exclaim “it’s all Greek to me!”, allow me to write a few words about the second amendment to the US Constitution.

Perhaps you have seen the shorthand:  2A.  (?)  Of course this  shorthand relates to the 2nd Amendment.  But what is the big deal about the 2nd Amendment?  Isn’t it outdated?  Well, if you’ll open up your mind for a moment, you’ll be able to see that the 2nd Amendment, itself,  is merely shorthand for the entire Bill of Rights.

So when I say that I’m “pro-2A”, you’ll know, by my shorthand,  that I support the entire Bill of Rights.600px-RO_Roadsign_2A.svg

Is the Bill of Rights the complete encyclopedia of our rights?  No.  The Bill of Rights, itself,  is really only shorthand for the “unalienable rights” granted by your Creator upon your birth.

When they bowed to public pressure, the 1st congress wrote a Bill of Rights; and it would have been impossible to enumerate every human right (although the United Nations Human Rights Convention tries to),  so they whittled and compressed the “suggestions” sent to them by the states down to 12 rights, 10 of which were ratified by “the people”.  Shorthand, you see?

20091206_1018594So what does all this shorthand” boil down to?

Here’s the skinny:  the rights which you hold, from your Creator, the rights you take for granted every day, can be summed up, through shorthand, by just one – the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

So you value freedom of speech and freedom to worship as you please?  And you value freedom from coercion to testify against yourself.  Perhaps you value freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures?  Maybe you value freedom to have a speedy trial in front of a jury of your peers?  So you value all of your “unalienable rights”?

Great!  Now, how,  EXACTLY, will you enforce those rights?

Easy – 2A.  You’ll use the rifles, pistols, and shotguns that you keep and bear, which the 2nd Amendment protects.m16a2_by_pabumus

It’s not rocket science.  It’s not Greek.  It’s shorthand.


Got freedom?  Got rifle?