Little David and I

by milesstoneman


To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never owned a slingshot, nor have I even used one.  It’s time to remedy that.

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a bag of “F” lead shot to reload.  “F” is .22 caliber, and I thought it might make a dandy anti-personnel load.  (There are 29 pellets in 1 ounce.657166  Ouch!)  But when I received the product, I found out that I had ordered STEEL shot, not lead.  Oh my!

Steel shot doesn’t load like lead.  It requires a different powder, different shotwads, and the measuring bushings on my Lee Load-All II wouldn’t work.  At first I set about frantically learning  what I would need to purchase in order to load these steel pellets which I now owned.  But before I pulled the trigger on a massive new order – I paused.  The word “sling shot” came to my mind.

“Sling shot”.  Of course!

236650.jpgSo after doing a little research, I chose the Umarex  X-Shot LE.  Besides being a normal wrist-rocket design, it had a cool, built-in laser aiming device, and stores 8 shots in the handle with a shot delivery system.  I was already picturing the black ops I would be able to do – silently stalking my quarry and ZING, a .22 caliber steel ball would drop them into eternity.

As it turns out, I am not able to fully draw the rubber tubes.  Rats!

I did some YouTube research and it seems that pulling the pouch back to your cheek, or even the back of your jaw was necessary to produce the speed you would need to drop IMAG0067your quarry into eternity.  So I will work out with a training band.  These won’t turn me into Arnold the Terminator, but they will help me develop the draw strength necessary.

I’ve been learning how to aim and shoot this thing.  It’s pretty cool.  I haven’t bothered re-aligning the laser yet to my point of impact, but that’s on the list.  But as soon as I get all of this together, David and I are gonna go out giant hunting.  Look out Goliath!

IMAG0060 (3)