Parrots in the Coal Mine

by milesstoneman

Hyacinth Macaw“I’m not in favor of that new no-permit law; now ANYBODY can carry a gun! Even if they didn’t take a class! Polly want a cracker!”

Canaries were supposedly used in coal mines to detect carbon monoxide.  With their high metabolism they were perfect early warning systems.  Trace amounts of carbon monoxide would send them to that gilded cage in the sky, and the miners could escape without harm.  We now have high-tech monitors, so, I don’t suppose there is much work for canaries these day in the coal industry, but it seems that we have plenty of work for parrots in the 2nd Amendment debate.

Now parrots, as you know, are good at repeating what they’ve heard.  I don’t suppose that you could really classify their speech as “talking”, but it sounds like talking to most of us.  And in the gun community, I keep running into parrots who sound like they’re talking.idiot

“I’m not in favor of that new no-permit law; now ANYBODY can carry a gun! Even if they didn’t take a class!”

Heard this?  It would be difficult, without other information, to decide if this person was a friend of the 2nd Amendment or an enemy.  However, since I don’t spend much time listening to liberal liars, you can bet that I’ve heard this from so-called friends of the 2nd Amendment.  Let’s have a closer look.

This is almost always said by those who have taken a state-authorized concealed carry class.  In fact, one of the people who said this to me, after our state removed the necessity of having state permission to carry a handgun under your coat, had never taken the state course,  instead had used his DD-214, in lieu of training to get a permit.

High-NoonIt comes from “gun guys” who are sure that they are the “elite” and have “superior knowledge of guns”.  And it prophesies doom, now that those “idiots”, whom they are certainly above, can conceal their handgun.

First of all, Kentucky is an open-carry state.  There were no requirements for training, for openly carrying a handgun.  The difficulty arose for those people without a permit, when they got into a vehicle.  They could no longer wear their gun, it had to be placed in a glove compartment in order to be a legal carry.  Outside of that – no requirements.

So, nothing has changed.  But the parrots around us  just keep repeating what the lying left has been saying since gun-control for white people became popular in the 20th century.  (Gun control for brown, red, and black people has been the standard model since the beginning of our country.  They were just too scary for us.)  The left keeps worrying out loud that without excessively stringent laws, “anyone can buy and even carry a gun”.  Hear the echo?

The men (white men) who founded our country were not worried about idiots havingfounding-fathers guns; they were worried about evil people having both government power AND a monopoly on guns. (They also worried about people of color having guns, but that’s another blog for another time.  Author’s note:  we were wrong – very wrong.)

And like our founders, freedom-loving citizens in America are still not worried about idiots, or even people of color having guns, but we are still worried about the consolidation of government power AND a monopoly on guns.  The 2nd Amendment was put into place to remedy that.  And both the liars on the left and the parrots on the right insist on removing that protection, so that they control WHO gets a gun.  But if guns are controlled by liars and parrots,  how will the miners escape in time to save themselves?