This Thanksgiving, Every Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the 2nd Amendment.

by milesstoneman

At Thanksgiving, it is traditional for families and friends to gather around a table which is burdened with food.  More often than not, the guests are encouraged, in turn, to say what they are thankful for this year.

My go-to response is this:  I’m thankful for the 2nd Amendment to the United States constitution.

As we look around us in 2019 we are tempted to ask, “WTF?”.  Men claim to be women, and women claim to be men, and those who are willing to live as the gender which matches their biological sex think that marrying someone of the same sex is something to be celebrated.

Our schools from K-12 no longer teach basic academic skills, they teach leftist nonsense.  Our universities are doing their best to churn out as many communists as possible in each graduating class who will go into government and take everyone’s property and distribute it as they see fit.

The news media is no longer delivering information which could help voters inform themselves about decisions which will change our culture and our country forever, the media is merely cheerleading all of the “through the looking glass” BS which pervades our culture and government.

And the murder of babies is common and protected by law – a law which was never passed by the majority of voters, or their elected representatives.  The law promoting the murder of babies was forced on American citizens by 5 unelected, life-tenured lawyers.


This is all the result of Adam’s rebellion.  Romans 5.12 tells us that death entered the world as a result of sin.  This set the default position of the world to death.  Death can take many forms; among these forms we’ll find tyranny.  Tyranny, therefore, is the default position of the world.

Freedom, which is the antithesis of tyranny, results ONLY when you push back against tyranny.  Unfortunately, once some measure of freedom is obtained, people are inclined to relax, and drop their guard.  And then, predictably (because it’s the default position of the world)  the world around them tends to revert back to tyranny.  And they wonder WTF?

Every single day requires a freedom fight.  If you want to keep your freedom.  Every day is a day to push back against tyranny.

The men who created the founding documents of this great nation knew that all of this was true.  They fought for their freedom, and they knew we would have to fight for ours as well.  So they gave us a little help in our fight – they gave us the Bill of Rights; a constitutional protection of the inalienable rights given by God.   And one of those constitutionally protected rights was the right to keep and bear arms.  Believe me, we’re going to need those arms, perhaps sooner rather than later.

Tyranny isn’t willing to live and let live.  Tyranny isn’t happy that you “accept” their gender fluidity – tyranny demands that you celebrate it!  Tyranny isn’t satisfied that you don’t care if someone is homosexual – tyranny demands that you stand up and cheer every time a pervert announces and flaunts their perversity!  Tyranny isn’t impressed that you would like to see a more fair and equal distribution of worldly wealth with an end to poverty – tyranny demands that you turn over your property and wealth to them!

And they don’t mind using a gun to get you to cooperate in these things.

We need that legacy and gift, made by the founders, of the constitutional protection of our right to keep and bear arms.  We need to fiercely defend the right to keep and bear arms, because we’ll need those arms, at some point, to recover the freedom which we’ve already lost, and to preserve that little bit which we have left.

Like you, I also keep shaking my head and wondering WTF?.  And this Thanksgiving, and every Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the 2nd Amendment.