Eureka! The solution to gun violence is more simple than we thought…take the bus!

by milesstoneman

Every year, thousands of our fellow citizens die in traffic accidents.  What if the solution were as simple as outlawing privately-owned vehicles, and instead, requiring Americans to take the bus?

Hold on a 9 millimeter minute, you say.  Vehicles are necessary.  What about the military, and the emergency services and police?  They NEED vehicles!

Well, we can let them have vehicles.  Not privately-owned vehicles; they’ll have to leave their publically-owned vehicles in the police or fire or Army garage when they take the bus home.  But we can certainly carve out an exception for them.  As you point out, vehicles do have some utilitarian uses.

So how will I get to work?  Take the bus.  How will I get to the store?  Take the bus.  How will I get over the hills and through the woods to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving?  You know the drill:  take the bus.

Hold on a 40 caliber minute, you say.  What if there is no bus?

Easy.  We know that some rural places don’t have bus service, so we’ll tax the local citizens of that area and start a bus line.  And tax them more to run it at a loss.

Hold on a 12 gauge minute, you say.  Even if there is a bus, what if the bus isn’t going where I need to go, or when I need to get there?

Who said life was fair?  You’ll have to make adjustments.  This is about saving lives, remember?  This isn’t about you.

Hold on a turkey choke minute, you say.  What if I’m having a heart attack and the emergency services are busy elsewhere?  If no one has a personally-owned vehicle to take me to the hospital, what will happen to me?

Well, you’ll die.  That’s as plain as the front sight on a well made handgun.

But remember, this isn’t about you.  This is about saving thousands of lives, which include hundreds of children.  You’re not against saving children’s lives are you?

No, we’re not against saving children’s lives.  But the idea of outlawing all personally owned vehicles, because some people are either evil or just irresponsible with their vehicles is ludicrous.  Equally ridiculous is the idea of outlawing personally-owned guns because some people are evil or irresponsible with their guns.

But beyond this comparison, there is a noticeable difference between the idea of outlawing motor vehicles, and outlawing firearms.

Motor vehicle ownership is not protected by the United States Constitution.  Firearm ownership is.  Take a moment to reflect on that.  And while the Democrats and fake Republicans would would never consider confiscating the vehicles of our fellow citizens in the name of safety,  some would gladly take their guns.

What can you do?  If you haven’t already, take a moment and join the NRA.  They are all that stand between you and having to take the bus.