No Disrespect to LE Intended

by milesstoneman

Lt. Col Dave Grossman made popular the idea of LE as “sheepdogs”.   They supposedly protect the sheep.  But sheepdogs aren’t sheep, they’re dogs, and they belong to the farmer.  And he uses them to CONTROL the sheep.

So if you’re a sheep, you have a lot of reason to mistrust those sheepdogs.  And you’ll want to find a way to encourage the farmer to keep them on a very short leash.

Now, in fact, we’re neither sheep nor dogs, nor is LE.  We’re people.  We form societies.  And then we form governments, and lend them our authority to empower those governments to protect those societies.

Here’s a thought experiment:  think about the people who work in the same place as you do.  Not just coworkers, but managers, supervisors, and such.  Now, to whom among them would you be comfortable having authority over your liberty.  And not just authority,  but a monopoly of legal violence as well?  Think of anyone?

You see, despite what you think, LE professionals are not made in test tubes.  They come from the same people groups that your coworkers and managers do.  They are like them, no better and no worse.

Still comfortable with those sheepdogs and their authority and monopoly of legal violence?

The fathers of our country fretted about standing armies, and even about select militias.  They knew that standing armies are trained to fight wars and to do it full time.  Their worry was that “soldiers” are accountable to the government, not to the governed.

Even select militias, which are sub-groups from the full militia, are made up of young men 18-25, trained to war, part time, and subject to the lawful orders of their superiors, while in uniform, not to the citizens.

Still comfortable with those sheepdogs?  Google the words, Waco, Ruby Ridge, or Kent State.

The current fad among citizens is 2nd Amendment sanctuary cities, and counties.  Citizens think that just by saying so, they can keep the wolf at bay.  Or perhaps, they can depend on those sheepdogs to do it for them.  Remember who owns the sheep dogs?  Their job is to control the sheep for the farmer.

Still comfortable with those sheepdogs?

Law enforcement professionals today are better trained, and better armed than you are.  We’ve given them our authority and a monopoly of legal violence.   Understandably, they have a strong desire to maintain their authority, and even if they have to disarm you to keep that monopoly of legal violence, they will.

If a line finally gets drawn between supporting and defending the Constitution, and upholding an illegal law whose aim is to establish tyranny, we will see how quickly LE is willing to shed those uniforms, and ditch those badges.  With those uniforms and badges, they are not one of us, we have neither uniforms nor badges.  Those not for us, are against us.

Forewarned is forearmed.