If we wait until all of the boxes are gone, how will we move then?

by milesstoneman

If you’ll look up at our masthead, you’ll see that we at The Cartridge Box hold that the founders left us four boxes to defend liberty.  They are:

The Ballot box.

The Soap box.

The Jury box.

And The Cartridge box.

How fares the Ballot box?  Do you live in a state where over 80% of the counties are ruled by the other 20%, or even less?  That’s the status of many patriots today.  If you live in Illinois, you know that Cook County runs the rest of the state.  If you live in New York, well, it’s New York City.  How about Virginia?  Tidewater region rules.  (And by the way, it always has.  That’s why we have West Virginia today.)

And do you vote at an electronic ballot box?  So…how DO you know that the votes are recorded accurately?  And how about the recent push to eliminate the electoral college?  There are already 12 states who have signed a pledge to give all of their electoral college votes to whomever wins the popular vote nationwide.  So if you don’t live in a populous city, your vote simply won’t count.  The Ballot box is nearly gone.

Well, we still have the Soap box.  Or do we?  Twitter and to a lesser extent Facebook are working to deplatform anyone who doesn’t share their values.  YouTube is solidly in the “progressive speech” camp.  They simply will no longer let you have a voice.  But you can still make speeches, can’t you?  Not without paying up front for huge security services.  At most of our large colleges, speakers have been deplatformed by the requirement of the institution to pay large sums of money to hire security for the event, thanks to the “brown shirt” student thugs.  No speech for those who don’t toe the party line.  And physical assaults for those speaking on the “corner” are on the rise.  The Soap box is fast disappearing.

We are down to two boxes.  One of the important ones is the Jury box.  Jury nullification is a thing.  In those states where 80% of the patriots live under the tyranny of the minority, they at least have the privilege of sitting as jurors, protecting patriots, whenever the government goons go too far.  That is, unless the prosecutor petitions for a change of venue.  Yep.  They just move the trial to a jury more friendly to the tyrant, and less friendly to the home team.  The Jury box gets eliminated.

Well…that only leaves one.  And you can see that the pressure to get rid of that one, as well, has only been ramping up.  That’s right.  The Cartridge box is next.  So-called assault weapons bans, so-called high capacity magazine bans, expensive and hard to get permission slips from the government to own and carry a gun, Red Flag laws, and other gun-grabbing schemes abound.  Soon, there will be no Cartridge box if the unfreedom party has it’s way.

So what will you do?  Will you wait until all of the boxes are gone before you move?  And how will you move without boxes?

Don’t wait.  Start today.  Take up the fight to preserve all of the boxes the founders left us.  Start by standing up for the box of last resort – the Cartridge Box.  Join with the NRA and other 2nd Amendment lobby organizations as they push back the forces of slavery.  Work with your local club to gather enough patriots to declare your county a 2nd Amendment sanctuary.  Use that Soap box while you still have it.  Speak up!  Speak out!

If you get a chance to use the Jury box to protect liberty – be an army of one in the deliberation room, if you have to.  And let’s get rid of electronic voting machines which produce no paper receipt.  We need to see who we just voted for.

Finally, buy more ammo.  Get a quality gun and start carrying it.  Find a good instructor and get yourself trained.  Today is the only day you really have.  Do it today!

Don’t wait until all of the boxes are gone to start moving.