Netanyahu and other statists – bless their hearts.

Compare the following words, written by Benjamin Netanyahu during the late 90’s:

“…the absolute right to bear arms should be tempered by political realities….  When a protected “right” in practice results in the encouragement and breeding of terrorist monstrosities ready to devour other members of society, then it is clear that such a right has ceased to serve its true end and must be either revised or reduced.”  (Fighting Terrorism pg 42-43)

“If you lack the power to protect yourself, it is unlikely that in the absence of a compelling interest anyone else will be willing to do it for you.”  (A Place Among the Nations pg 195)

First of all, only the second one is true.  But, secondly, what context could possibly explain the difference between these very opposite statements on self-defense?

In the first statement, Netanyahu was slamming the right OF THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms, enjoyed by Americans, protected by our constitution.  In the second one, he was upholding the right OF A STATE to keep and bear arms to protect it from aggressive neighbors.

This is true statism – seen most often, here, in statements from the American Democratic Party.

They say, “YOU don’t need guns to protect yourself, the State will protect you.  YOU would only shoot your eye out (or shoot someone else in either your ignorance, or unrestrained anger).  Only the State has neither ignorance nor unrestrained anger.”

I call BS.

As I’ve said before, the people elected to any government position come from the same pool of people as the ones who run the company you work for.  Now that’s a scary thought.  The difference is, you can always quit your job.  Quitting the country is a little more difficult.

Resist Statism.  Hold on to your guns.  Even if you have to do it without the blessings of the law or law enforcement officers.  Learn to cache them.  You just might need them, someday.

Benjamin Netanyahu is right.  If you lack the power to protect yourself, no one else will be likely to do it for you.  And when guns are outlawed, only the government will have guns.

And fighting the terrorism from your own government is the most difficult fight of all.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a Statist.  Bless his heart.