Bill doesn’t know Jack about George.

by milesstoneman

In a recent video podcast, Bill Whittle condemned the so-called “Capitol Hill Riot” by suggesting that there was daylight between our “heroes”, whom he listed as Neil Armstrong and George Washington, among others, and the “drunken savages” of the Boston Tea Party.

He ranted that George Washington would never have engaged in that kind of behavior.

I call BS.

Read this quote from 1775 “Why should persons who are preying upon the vitals of their Country be suffered to stalk at large, while we know they will do us every mischief in their power? Would it not be prudence to seize on those Tories who have been, are, and that we know will be active against us?” ~George Washington (not yet the father of our country, but just another angry patriot)

And as for those “savages”…John Adams (another angry patriot) insisted that the town remained “remarkably quiet” and “never more still and calm”. In fact, Bill didn’t seem to know that there was no drunken, wholesale destruction of private property – except the tea. It seems that a lock, which was broken to allow the contents of a trunk to be seized, was replaced the next day.

Bill doesn’t know Jack about George or, apparently, any of our history.

Those “rioters” on Capitol Hill are us, and we are them – angry Patriots who demand that things change. Now.

It has been said, “we’re mad as hell, and we won’t take it anymore”. That’s something George might have said, Bill.