If you’re not afraid, yet, you don’t understand the situation.

by milesstoneman

From a FoxNews article: “President Biden’s newly appointed Pentagon chief Wednesday issued a “stand down” for the next 60 days, ordering military leaders to spend time talking to troops in an effort to weed out extremism in their ranks…”

“The “stand down” will occur over the next 60 days, Kirby said, allowing that “each service, each command and each unit can take the time out to have these needed discussions with the men and women of the force.” Training materials will be developed and sent out to units so they can have discussions about the issue.”

“Kirby maintained that “the vast majority of men and women who serve in uniform and the military are doing so with honor, integrity and character, and do not espouse the sorts of beliefs that lead to the kind of conduct that can be so detrimental to good order and discipline…”

“In a meeting with military leaders, Austin said that while the numbers may be small, they are not as small as anyone would like. And Kirby also told reporters at the Pentagon that, “No matter what it is, it is … not an insignificant problem and has to be addressed.” Austin is still mulling over how he wants to organize the effort to attack the problem from an institutional perspective, possibly with a task force.”

“Biden declared domestic extremism an urgent national security threat in the wake of the riot. The crowd that breached the building as lawmakers were preparing to certify his election was overwhelmingly White and included members of far-right groups, the Associated Press reported.”

“…a dozen members of the National Guard were either sent home or not allowed to deploy to Washington because the FBI flagged a problem, including potential ties to extremist groups.”

“Rooting out extremism within the ranks – much like efforts to do away with racism and violence against women – is difficult. Kirby said part of the problem is defining extremism.”

“Under the Code of Military Justice, service members can’t actively advocate for extremist, supremacist or criminal gang doctrine, ideology or causes, or participate in any way. That would include a variety of things, such as fundraising, organizing, training, distributing materials or having tattoos or wearing clothing associated with such organizations.”