Onward Christian Soldiers

by milesstoneman

Our military men and women must have the best equipment and training that we can give them. They must be fed and clothed to the best of our ability.

But, if we neglect to provide them with a spiritual foundation, if we neglect their spiritual knowledge and their faith, we have cheated them out of the most important resource.

Our military is the sword of the Lord for the maintenance of freedom and civilization. The men and women wearing our uniform will be required to harm, destroy and kill. And some of them will be required to die. None of that can be done without faith.

Faith allows them to be ruthless warriors, without becoming brigands or terrorists. Faith allows them to believe that their compromises with civilized behavior, supports the civilization they depend on and are defending. Faith allows them, when necessary, to die for each other and for us.

If we strip faith from our warriors, we might as well fold up our tents now. We cannot survive.