This isn’t hard – carry a gun, make sure it’s loaded.

by milesstoneman

In a post on Fox News, an 82 year old man, an Army Veteran, killed a home intruder by beating him to death with a shotgun. The man, apparently living nearby, came to the back door. When the wife of the veteran answered the door, the bad guy attacked her with a knife. Then the old man grabbed a shotgun and beat the intruder to death with it.

So you might wonder, “why didn’t he just shoot him?”. We don’t know. No story I could find answered that question. Suffice it to say that it’s slightly easier to pull a 10 pound trigger than to wield a 9 pound shotgun as a club. Keeping it loaded would have been the smart move.

In another, unrelated story, a man in Colorado let his dog out to pee. The dog was attacked by a mountain lion. Wanting to save his dog, the man ran out and looked for some kind of weapon to fight with. He found a surveyor’s wooden stake, and hit the lion between the eyes. Fortunately for him and the dog the lion ran away.

In the article, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife give a few tips for this kind of situation. Among the useful tips, they forget to mention – GET A GUN, KEEP IT LOADED, AND CARRY IT!

Here’s the 411: if you have to fight off a home intruder, a jihadist bent on mayhem, or an every day mountain lion, you’ll be much more successful if you have a loaded gun, on your hip, and you know how to use it (as a gun, not as a club).

This isn’t hard – carry a gun, make sure it’s loaded.