Choosing Sides. Period.

by milesstoneman

A couple of articles in Fox News display the widening gap between us and the fools who seem to populate the world around us.

In West Virginia, a bill to keep the government and its contractors from requiring race-training, and especially the most egregious form of racism, critical race theory which claims that white people just are racist, period.

Here’s the 411 on racism: some people of every ethnic background are hateful toward people who are not of their “tribe”. I don’t choose to be that way, and I assume you don’t either. But I do judge character and culture, and I don’t accept the label racist for that. You might as well put your label maker away – I’m not buying what you sell.

And in another article, Tennessee lawmakers are trying to put a stop to the treasonous kneeling by athletes during our National Anthem at State Universities. They point out, rightly, that when an athlete puts on a University uniform, they represent the people of Tennessee – people who love the country, the flag and the anthem. They should point out that playing sports at a university is a privilege, not a right; a privilege which should be suspended EACH AND EVERY TIME an athlete shows his ass, on or off the field or court.

The people of the great state of Tennessee don’t need the government’s help. If they will stop sending their kids to schools which allow this, and if the alumni of the schools will close their purses, that will be the end of that treason. Period.

Let me tell you which side I’m on – the right side. Period.