Of course, Democrats lie. It’s their native language.

by milesstoneman

Democrats say that this is a woman. They are lying. This is a man dressed up as a woman, and possibly a man who has had mutilating surgery to help him pretend that he’s a woman.

This is a woman.

Democrats say that they embrace diversity. They are lying. Democrats only embrace diversity if it doesn’t include people, or ideas they don’t agree with.

They want most of us to be less white. That’s what they mean by diversity – they mean conformity.

Democrats say that Black Lives Matter. They are lying. Only Black THUGS Lives Matter to them.

They don’t care about thousands of black babies who are still in the womb, and who vulnerably trust their moms to protect them.

Democrats say that they respect the 2nd Amendment. They are lying. They want to repeal the 2nd Amendment and take away your guns so that they can better control you.

Don’t trust Democrats. Trust yourself and your guns. That’s why the founders protected them with the 2nd Amendment.