Remembering Your Friends

by milesstoneman


I put our “Thin Blue Line” flag out again last week. It seemed appropriate to the circumstances in the nation.

As I put it up I thought about the tension between the two poles of thought that have existed in this country since 1776. On one hand, it is believed as American doctrine, stated by the 2nd Amendment, that a militia, one made up of all of the people of arms bearing age, and having their own arms, is the best security for a free state. And that a standing army represents a threat to liberty.

On the other hand, it is believed that nothing but a standing army, whose only job is training for war, can protect the liberty of the citizens of the nation.

The American experience says that both are true at the same time.

To maintain security, our cities, counties and states, need both a standing army of trained police officers as well as the “militia” of well-armed citizens made up of the people having their own arms.

Our standing army of police, those officers trained and willing to protect us, is under attack from anarchists who want to destroy our nation, and obliterate our culture. It is important, more now than ever, that Patriots stand up and support the police during this time of crisis. We will not have security without them. Those pocket pistols we carry, and the rifles we own but don’t train with are just not enough against an organized threat.

Here’s the big but: BUT after having been supportive of our police, will they then forget us? When the order comes down to disarm law-abiding citizens, who have had their back all this time, will they comply with their overlords, who clearly don’t concern themselves liberty? Will they have our back?

I just don’t know the answer to that one. You see, THAT’S the danger of a standing army. They easily forget who their friends are, and, willing to please those with political power (read that the power of pay and promotion), they are all too willing to enforce whatever tyranny is mandated by the politicians.

When ordered to take our guns, will they remember who their friends are?